Master 4 Key Ingredients for Sustainable Success from the Inside Out

SOUL Success – Private 6 Month Intensive


  • Do you feel like the success you’ve created “out there” is short lived and hard to maintain?
  • Do you keep yourself perpetually busy and can’t slow down to smell the roses? You just don’t seem to find time for YOU?
  • Have you been struggling with restlessness, anxiety, lack of purpose, and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your body? yourself? others? your work?


I know how you feel. I’ve been there.


After a huge wake-up call in my thirties when my sister died after 10 years of anticipatory grief, I started to take stock of my life, determined I’d make it matter.

I’d spent years believing that a good job, a stable family, a nice place to live would give me everything I needed and I’d feel like I’d achieved “success”.

I’d ignored that the only constant in life is change, and AS my life’s external circumstance kept changing, I’d found myself feeling perpetually unsatisfied, lost and empty.

I felt like a success in the parts of my life that were going well, and like a failure in other parts that weren’t.

I pushed harder to rearrange things on the outside, pleased everybody and juggled a million things to feel a sense of control, but it never lasted for very long. The roller coaster caused my relationships and health to suffer. I became exhausted, restless and ungrounded.

I thought that if I worked really “hard” and met other’s expectations, I’d eventually be happy, but instead I got deeper into a state of anxiety and disconnection.

I knew I wanted more and I had a dream, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  I read a lot of self help books and spent my precious time trying to figure it all out, but kept finding myself in the same place of frustration, overwhelm and not quite “good enough”.

And then I stopped. Just stopped. I made a choice to reconsider where I was putting my energy and attention.

I started looking INSIDE rather than “out there”.

I started asking myself how I could embrace change, and weather the bumps on the road with ease, rather than try to control them.

I learned that I could create success from the inside out rather than the other way around!

I learned that the question wasn’t “am I happy at work or in that relationship”, it was “am I happy in MYSELF at work or in that relationship”?

I started learning to manage my highs and lows and come back to my centre more quickly. I began to feel energized and comfortable in my own skin, became more productive and creative in my work. I stopped depending on others, and started to trust my intuition to make decisions with certainty.

I stopped and smelled the roses! And SO CAN YOU!

I knew that I wasn’t alone in this and that there were SO many going through the same thing. No wonder!

We’ve all been socialized to look externally for solutions, and discouraged from trusting the innate wisdom that lives inside us.

That pain that you feel? It’s a symptom of being disconnected from who YOU truly are!

What if YOU could learn how to cultivate true, lasting success from inside, and access your own answers?

What if YOU could wake up in the morning feeling like a kid again and excited about your day?

What if YOU could free yourself from worry and fear and feel the joy of being alive?

What if you knew how to let stuff go and just feel at peace?

If I can do it, you can too!

Why postpone feeling the JOY and contentment, when you can find it NOW?


Isn’t it time you  give your life, your dream the attention it deserves?


Even though, I am a coach/practitioner myself, it’s important for me to clear myself out in the same way that I help my clients do so. Julie’s level of skill and professionalism enabled me to approach the uncomfortable, difficult feelings that were arising and to release what I needed to in order to feel lighter, healthy and wholesome, and make some important decisions.

She guided me to walk through feelings of fear of the unknown, doubt, lack of control and made me very aware of the mind-body connection – especially WHERE in my body I was holding onto these blockages. She led me to see how these blockages were potentially manifesting in my life as a result of holding onto them.  She supported me in exploring the possibilities that were at my fingertips, and guided me to let go and let life live through me, rather than keeping up the exhausting pattern of trying to control the outcomes! I learned alot from Julie as she emanates approachability, patience, mindfulness, compassion, love for the work she does, and she lives every ounce of these things in her own daily life.

I have had mini follow-up maintenance sessions with her and believe that everyone should have their own personal life coach. I would highly recommend THIS life coach! Working with her will truly transform your life and you will not be disappointed.

Katrina DesRochers, B.A., B.Ed., CLSt. Dipl., CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Reiki Energy Practitioner, Hands On Healing Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Certified, The Root of It – Nurture Halton Integrative Women’s Health Centre


The SOUL Success Intensive will…..

Enable you to have MORE Joy, MORE often and STAY in it longer.  It will give you tools and strategies to build the emotional foundation you need to GO for your Dream and find the Inner-balance to Achieve it.

If you want to transform your relationships, this is the place to start!

Learn to create the INNER calm and clarity that will inform your outer actions.


If any of this speaks to you, then you’re in the right place! 

YOU are a purposeful, soulful woman in midlife who craves fulfillment inside AND out.  You’ve tried to satisfy your hunger by creating a material foundation for your life through career, family, home, yet you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process, and you’re left feeling unsatisfied, burned out, fatigued and ancy. You’re sick and tired of just not feeling good.

Until you build the emotional foundation to support your dream, it will remain just a dream.


….this is where I come in



  • Waking up feeling excited about the day and knowing that you can show up as the amazing woman you know yourself to be everywhere you go.


  • Building an unshakable trust in your instincts and making clear decisions about when to say YES, and when to say NO. And feel really good about it.


  • Showing up in your relationships, life and work with a steady and strong foundation of inner balance, vibrant well-being and mental clarity.


  • Really getting CONNECTED with your dream, your vision for your life and why you are here on this planet.


  • Releasing those agonizing emotions that you’ve stuffed down for ages and reconnecting to that long forgotten part of yourself.


  • Being OK with not fitting in with what others want or expect you to be – and so grounded in yourself that no matter what others say and do, you shake it off fast and stay in your integrity


With me by your side you’ll be Shining from the inside out, and your relationships with YOU, others and your work in the world will SOAR!

Who am I and why would you trust me?

For 2 decades I’ve been rewiring my nervous system, engaging in serious body, heart and mind integration in order to cultivate my own heightened emotional intelligence. I’ve become certified in formal coach training through the most internationally renouned coaching institute, along with complimentary body centred coach training, adult education, social work, mental health and grief training; worked in professional coach practitioner roles in private and public sectors, and constantly evolved in my own daily spiritual practices.

I’ve travelled through 10 years of anticipatory grief and watched my hair go white, while struggling with emotional pain that brought me to my knees.  Suffering from chronic anxiety and health issues gave me no choice than to surrender. And so I learned the art of letting go. It was my dying sister who actually showed me how, as she guided me through her own dying experience.

This combined training and experience along with studying for 14 years with a Swami, meditating, practicing yoga and mindfulness, I came to develop the Inner Core System™.  Focusing intensively to uncover the Jewel that lives in the inner core of my being was worth it.

Today I’m truly happy and mostly at ease. When life hands me lemons I cry, I grieve, I get angry and the range of human emotions that are inherent to all of us grip me BUT the difference is, now I let go and recover from the curveballs faster. So I suffer less and I feel joy more. I don’t know how else to do it.

It’s amazing how much Julie can help someone get in touch with their feelings and responses through their body. Julie is extremely non-judgmental and is excellent at finding the root cause and bringing it to my attention. I have worked with psychiatrists for my whole life and 3 months with her has given me more self awareness than any other session I have had. She has a very reassuring and calming voice along with an empathetic nature.

Through my coaching with Julie I have increased self-confidence, I AM WORTH IT! I have learned to include mindfulness and wellness into my daily schedule. I was able to stand up for myself and end a toxic relationship and feel the strength to take care of myself. I was skeptical at first but this has been an eye opening and worthwhile experience. I wish insurance plans would see the benefit of life coaching to our health system.    S. Richardson, OPP, Southern Ontario Region

SOUL Success – Private Intensive


In this 6 month Intensive you will direct your focus, time and attention on YOU. By investing in yourself like this you will build the bridge between your head and your heart. By learning and applying your new Inner Core skills to your day to day life, you’ll learn to cut through the noise that only drowns out your wise inner voice and keeps you stuck in feelings of restlessness and negativity. You’ll come to stand firmly in saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, without being afraid.

Our work together will support you in aligning your outer life with your evolving inner life, as you turn toward meeting your own inner guru face to face, and live in alignment with it so that you never have to seek answers outside yourself again.


Inside this Program you will learn how to master the 4 Cornerstones that will clear your path to more conscious Joy. For Good.

You will learn how to access the 4 key Intelligences to experience sustained Personal Success: Body, Heart, Mind and Emotional Intelligence.


As a human, your body is your physical portal to the infinite heart intelligence that lives inside you. It gives you constant signals to guide you toward, or away from what you want.  As you train your mind’s intelligence to listen and respond to these signals, you begin to get a handle on making positive life choices that support your quest for sustained JOY. Tapping into all three intelligences of the body, heart and mind cultivates your emotional intelligence, and poises you to take aligned action toward what you really want to create in your life.


You will learn how to:

Connect to your Body Intelligence:

As you begin to recognize your body’s signals with increasing mastery, your relationships with your body, your health, your world and the others in it will improve. You will learn tools and practices to access the intelligence of your body and start to assimilate its messages more clearly and quickly.  You’ll find 100% evidence that it simply never lies. By learning to listen to what your body is telling you, you’ll catch potential danger spots sooner and recover from negative impact faster. You’ll learn to slow down, be present to the moments, truly relax and smell the roses so that you can experience the juiciness of life.


Connect to your Heart Intelligence:

As you learn to tap into the wisdom and fountain of inner resources that are available to you, you will start to make real and sustainable changes in your relationships that are aligned with your personal values.  You will discover the answers that live inside you by learning to tune into your intuition more quickly and uncover the light within the struggle.  Your true purpose WILL reveal itself!

We will work together to create rituals for clearing the noise and accessing your intuition, and I will support you to integrate powerful tools for making empowered decisions in your work and life without second guessing yourself.


Connect to your Mind Intelligence:

Shifting your mindset toward life giving thoughts and actions, and away from life draining ones takes practice. Together we will deconstruct your limiting beliefs that cause interference and reconstruct new ones. You will learn the art of “letting go” and turn self-sabotaging behaviours around.

Your nervous system will adjust itself toward a new possibility mindset where you can take charge of how you respond and bring insights, ideas, visions and your dream to life!

Together we will develop a new set of Inner Core self-care tools and create a personalized daily practice that fully inspires.


Develop to your Emotional Intelligence:

Emotions = Energy In Motion

 They naturally want to move, and if you don’t let them, they get stuck. YOU get stuck.

Allowing your emotions to move means that first you have to know what they are and where they live. Understanding where and how your range of emotions are stored inside your body will give you the ability to recognize and move through them more easily to experience inner calm, and stay in joy more consistently.  You will learn to clear away the invisible blocks that are depleting your energy and keeping you from living fully inside your work and your personal relationships. You will learn to better manage life’s dramas and daily ups and downs so that you can come back to feeling better faster.

Master the 4 key ingredients for Soul Success – rely on your Inner Compass to ground yourself in what really matters to you.

And rest takes care of itself.



“Coaching with Julie has been invaluable on my path toward personal freedom and happiness! The inner confidence I’ve gained through our coaching has enabled me to relocate to a brand new city and secure the job of my dreams. It has helped me to become emotionally independent, more disciplined and care less what people think. Through coaching I’ve learned to strengthen my relationship with myself and find my own way to becoming self-reliant by looking  inside myself, rather than looking toward others. I’ve come to trust my gut instincts and rely on myself to handle and manage my own anxiety and emotions. I still listen to the centering meditation that she made for me every day to stay grounded.  It’s been a great investment to help push me back onto my own two feet. Thank you Julie!”

Taryn Campbell, Medicinal Chemistry Research Associate, Seattle, Washington


“If you are ready and willing to make a change, if you are ready and willing to communicate with deep and sincere honesty and if you are willing to accept help then I suggest you connect with Julie. Since working with Julie, after the death of my husband, I have found the courage to go places – physically, emotionally and mentally. I am no longer afraid.

I have learned to work with my whole self, mind and body, to find peace and resolution with the challenges that crop up. I have new tools to work through anxiety and fear of change. I now find myself aware of my thoughts and feelings. This allows me to respond positively to situations rather than react negatively.  Janice Hayward, Canadian Photojournalist, Comox, BC


 It’s time to Reclaim Your Life as Your Own  

Claim your Emotional Freedom and Live the Life you Deserve

Your progressive Inner Core skills will support you to grow your capacity for joy, expanded resilience, and greater clarity and presence in your vision for the life and relationships you really want and deserve.

Your commitment and investment in yourself will give you fuel to do the work, and as a result your capacity for staying in Ease and Joy for longer periods of time will increase. This program has built in accountability for you to turn your new practices into lasting habits that support your growing emotional health and freedom.


Here’s what you will receive:

In the Soul Success Intensive you’ll receive tools and strategies to help you break the perpetual patterns of pursuing success through the “the next shiny thing” out “there”, and create new neural pathways in your brain that support the unwavering resources that live inside of you. You’ll build the emotional independence to embody success from the inside out, rather the other way around and develop stronger relationships with your body, your business, your money, your mate.

Soul Success Intensive includes:


  • 12 private one on one coaching sessions to be used within 6 months
  • Daily mindfulness practice tools
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • 2 Bonus 30 minute sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions
  • Bonus Personalized Body Centered guided meditation
  • Access to my varied tool box of resources


Soul Success will enable you to deepen your own body/heart/mind connection and become fully present to what matters most.  We will deconstruct the negative beliefs that are interfering with trusting your instincts in day to day life, getting clear and taking action on your dream.

  • 12 private one on one coaching sessions to be used within 6 months

Receive coaching in person OR in the comfort and privacy of your own home through phone or skype. Our sessions will be insightful, powerful, and transformative with built-in next steps for accountability to ensure you keep moving forward so you can once and for all feel more joy, more often

  • Daily mindfulness practice tools

This will be designed specifically for you to fully inspire and support you to build an intimate connection with your Inner Being as well as increased discipline to stay mindful in a busy world. Growing your mindfulness muscle will serve you to more easily handle difficult situations in day to day life.

  • Recordings of all sessions

No need to vigorously scribble notes during our sessions.  Each session will be recorded so that we can be fully present and engaged during our time together.  You’ll be able to revisit important concepts, ‘aha’ moments, and insights on your own time.  This time of reflection can be deeply transformative

  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

You’ll have email access between sessions for support around resistance, blocks, fears and personal victories as they arise. We’ll make sure that you maintain your momentum through continued support and further inquiries for reflection if needed so that you can keep feeling empowered and inspired to keep moving toward your important goals.

  • Bonus Personalized Body Centered guided meditation

As a way to further embody your deeper desires for change, I will create a guided meditation for you to use regularly, in the form of an audio recording that is personalized and focuses on a specific area of your life that you wish to give positive attention to so that you can give undivided focus to it on a regular basis and watch it transform.

  • Access to my varied tool box of resources

I will share with you numerous exercises, techniques, resources and tools in order to support you in shifting into a new mindset that redefines success from the inside out.


You’ve tried to create new habits for a long time and read all the self help books, yet nothing has really changed.

You know that time is moving quickly, and that as every year passes you are getting more and more conscious of the fact that you want to make your life matter.

You want to come to the end of your life and have few regrets.

You haven’t taken the step yet but you know NOW’S the time.

Say YES to yourself and start creating the life you want and deserve!

Your dreams and desires will not be magically fulfilled.  If you are ready to take a stand for YOU and to do the work even when it’s hard, knowing that it will be worth it, then let’s work together.


To get started now please book a discovery call with me so that we can determine if we are a good fit by:

Calling 705-571-3994


Email me at


Use contact page to get in touch


We’ll discuss details along with how to best work together according to your personal needs and goals.

 I only take a limited number of 1:1 Soul Success Intensive clients so that I can provide top quality focus and attention for SUSTAINABLE results.  

Life is short.  Your dream deserves to be taken seriously!

This is for you if….


  • You want more for yourself! You want to LIVE moreFEEL moreBE more, and are ready to invest in yourself
  • You want to feel EASE, INNER CALM and HARMONY more of the time
  • You’re not afraid to dig deep and you are looking for a soul based and action-focused approach with tangible results
  • You’re willing to commit to a regular practice for the duration of our time together and beyond
  • You crave accountability, connection and personal support
  • You have a desire to reconnect with your deeper inner life and know that now is the time

Coaching with Julie is nothing short of amazing and it has been instrumental to enhancing my life path. She has helped me get clear about the overall direction of my life and business, and has empowered me to become much more confident in my next steps. As a result of coaching with Julie, I’m taking some bold steps, learning to deal with tensions more easily, trusting my inner wisdom, relaxing, and breathing more easily.  Julie’s way of addressing pent up blockages and emotions is nothing short of miraculous!  She guides me to move through my emotions by encouraging me to tap into my own body and heart intelligence. I’ve made important changes in my life these past years, and deeply appreciate her being by my side every step of the way. I know that I want and need Julie by my side, guiding me with her wisdom, intuition, experience and kindness, and I love working with her.  Thank you so MUCH, Julie!

Cristina Corban, MD, Geophysicist, Seattle, Washington

Frequently asked Questions and concerns:

How many sessions per month should we have?

Having at least 2 sessions per month is part of what makes this intensive for you. Any less and you lose momentum. If you want to have more there is flexibility to do that. It also gives you time in between to process and allow the shifts to happen between sessions through applying your learning to daily life. By engaging in our coaching relationship on a regular basis, a powerful momentum is created, and internal movement begins to happen faster. Although it’s not about speed, the momentum and regularity builds new neural pathways, and once that happens it’s important to keep them engaged. It’s like building a new muscle. You can’t go to the gym once a month and expect to see much change.  Many of my clients find that the continuity that is created actually propels them to more action and commitment to their goals.

It seems expensive.

If you’ve read this far, there is something calling you. This isn’t about you hiring me, this is simply about a part of you that is afraid.  What if you were to discover that the financial obstacle or the hesitancy of going deep with yourself isn’t as real as what you really want for your life? What is the cost to you of  staying in the same place and  NOT doing something?  What if you consider that sustainable, long lasting change from the inside out, is priceless? Once you see, you cannot un-see. Once you experience life changing transformation, you can’t ignore it.  If you think about hiring a person to clean your house, you know that it will be clean for a while and then get messy again. If you buy a gym membership to tend to your physical body you’ll experience the benefits for only as long as you go to the gym. The internal Inner Core ‘house cleaning’ doesn’t end once we are no longer working together, it lasts a lifetime. Ask yourself, how can you afford NOT to invest in yourself to create what you really want in your life?

What if I’m not comfortable with my expressing my emotions?

This is precisely the reason you should dive into this work. We are living in a society that discourages the expression of emotion and ‘wearing our emotions’ on our sleeve is seen as a negative thing. As a result we are socialized to busy ourselves with anything to keep ourselves out of our emotions. We’re not taught to feel. Our emotions are stuffed down and as a result, so are we. Our coaching relationship provides you with the safe space you need to ‘feel’ your emotions, move through them, and work through the blocks that have been interfering with your living a fully expressed life. Many clients say that they share things in this space that they’ve shared no where else, and this is what sets them on the path to inner freedom.

How does coaching work?

I work with individuals all over the world. Coaching is available in person, over skype, phone or zoom. Technology allows for a high quality connection every time and many clients love the ability to be in the comfort of their own home while doing this work..

We initially design an alliance around how we can best work together to really make this experience powerful and transformative for you.  An initial questionnaire, along with a coaching agreement will be completed and returned to me, and we’ll schedule sessions to fit your personal needs.  I build in relevant requests, inquiries or challenges between sessions to stretch you and keep your learning alive. What reveals itself from these actions will be brought back to our coaching sessions to add strength to the internal changes.  I act as a mirror for you and hold you accountable to making sustainable changes.  I’ll ask you to send me weekly check-ins to keep our powerful coaching conversations going.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A Coach brings awareness and curiosity to the emotions of clients so that they can make better choices and move into action, while being fully present with their current expression of emotions. A coach does not deal with the psychological antecedent to the emotion — that is the realm of therapy. If tearfulness, moodiness and depression continue over time and do not end, then the coach brings this to the attention of the client and together they explore the need for outside therapy. Clients can choose to work with both.


  • Does not diagnose or treat
  • Emphasis on present and future
  • Solution oriented
  • Alliance is designed by coach and client together
  • Explore actions and behaviours that manifest high self esteem


  • Diagnoses and treats – trained to work with mental illness
  • Emphasis on past and present
  • Problem oriented
  •  Treatment plan is largely   designed by therapist
  • Explore origins and behaviours of past traumas that create low self esteem

The greatest value for me through having Julie as my coach was that I now have the life I have been searching for and thought I could never have. All aspects of my life have changed – relationships (partner, kids, friends), finances, travel. One might think that a coach sees what is wrong and tells you how to fix it but Julie has a unique way of having me ask the tough questions and rediscover myself through finding my own answers along the journey.

I have spent a great deal of time trying to rebuild my life after my divorce and have now rebuilt my relationship with my daughters. Everything in coaching is subtle, but the results are huge. I thank you Julie for all you have done in the rebuilding of my life. I look forward to continuing the journey you help to create.   Reggie Quesnel, Health Care Professional, Innisfil, ON

Julie has the intuitive, inner wisdom and skill set to guide her client to find and be in touch with their inner voice. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and in a profound way. With her guidance I tapped into my own body and heart intelligence and reached a true, deeper insight and knowing. With this new understanding, change happened. With her guided sessions Julie includes exercises and homework to be done in between sessions, which is crucial to ensure that progress and lasting change is made.

Jane Hunt, Retired College Professor/Counselor, Huntsville, ON


To get started now please book a discovery call with me so that we can determine if we are a good fit.

Please call 705-571-3994, email me at, or use the contact page to get in touch, and we can discuss details along with how to best work together according to your personal needs and goals.


I only take a limited number of 1:1 Soul Success Intensive clients so that I can provide top quality focus and attention for SUSTAINABLE results.  


Looking forward to our Inner Core journey together !

From my Heart to Yours ~










You will receive my constant undivided attention to you, and assurance that your desired personal outcomes are always held with integrity in each and every session and as you evolve.  You will experience expansion and growth as it correlates to the degree of your own desire and intention.

In-person coaching is available for local individuals who live in the Muskoka area. Coaching is also done over the phone, and is available through Zoom or Skype from anywhere in the world!

To get started now, please call 705-571-3994, email me at, or use the contact page to get in touch, and we can discuss details along with how to best work together according to your personal needs and goals.

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