Integrating 4 key Ingredients to Success from the Inside Out

This program is a shorter version of the 6 month intensive where you will build a foundation for integrating your body, mind, emotional and heart intelligence in the interest of making important changes in your life.

What you will receive

  • 6 private one on one coaching sessions to be used within 90 days

Receive coaching in person or in the comfort and privacy of your own home through phone or skype. Our sessions will be insightful, powerful, and transformative with built in next steps for accountability to ensure you keep moving forward.

  • Recordings of all sessions

No need to vigorously scribble notes during our sessions.  Each session will be recorded so that we can be fully present and engaged during our time together.  You’ll be able to revisit important concepts, ‘aha’ moments, and insights on your own time.  This time of reflection can be deeply transformative.

  • Bonus 30 minute session

You will receive this bonus to assess and celebrate your success. In order to stay on track we will dedicate a session for you every 3 months to re-design and evaluate your progress and forward movement. If you wish to renew at the end of 6 months we will evaluate if that is the most beneficial next step for you.

  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

You’ll have email access between sessions for support around resistance, blocks, fears and personal victories as they arise. We’ll make sure that you maintain your momentum through continued support and further inquiries for reflection if needed, to keep you feeling empowered and inspired to keep moving.

  • Bonus Personalized Body Centered guided meditation

As a way to further embody your deeper desires for change, I will create a tool for you to use regularly, in the form of an audio recording that is personalized and focuses on a specific area of your life that you wish to give positive attention to.

  • Access to my varied tool box of resources as they are relevant

I will share with you numerous exercises, techniques, resources and tools in support of your shifting into a new inner success mindset.

Your Financial Investment

One full payment of $1,140

500 initial deposit + 2 monthly payments of $335 / mo

Your Personal Investment

  • Your willingness to fully commit to saying YES and taking a stand for YOU.
  • Your willingness to do the work even when it’s hard, knowing that it will be worth it.

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