What’s My Story?

I now know that Magic lives inside and that my soul’s purpose is being realized through the highest expression of my true gifts. The Heart Language Technology I’ve developed and teach to others never fails to steer us into the direction we are meant to take in this lifetime. 

It wasn’t always like that. I didn’t always know that the answers lived inside me.

In my twenties, I was called out to take a deep dive into my own Inner Core when I was delivered the news of my only sister’s fatal diagnosis. On the heels of a very difficult childhood where my voice and my spirit were squashed, this news rocked my world with profound impact. It forced me to choose between run or stay. I tried to run, but life guided me to stay.

In the very moment that she told me of her incurable illness, time stood still.  I was in a phone booth on Qualicum beach in BC, Canada, and a wave of grief washed over me.  Then I did the only thing I could, which was to look at what was right in front of me. There it was, a large body of water and brilliant sparkling light. I felt it wash over me and had a sixth sense about something that was much bigger than me.  It was a life changing visceral experience that I wanted to hold onto.


For 10 years I grieved and cried while anticipating losing her. That sparkling light trickled in and out but it didn’t seem to stick. I thought that I could make the pain go away by doing more, getting more, being more, but I discovered that all of those things were only temporary. I was looking for love, security and confidence in all the wrong places.

Finally, after a long and agonizing 10 year journey my sister took her last breath.  Once again, time stood still as I had the privilege and honor of holding her hand in her dying moment. This time the brilliant sparkling light, like an electrical charge, travelled through my whole body.

This powerful encounter and connection with something much larger than myself cracked me wide open.

It was the beginning of my remembering who Julie really was. It was the beginning of my understanding the power of my own infinite intelligence and intuition.  And it was time to start really listening and paying attention. It was the beginning of realizing that each aspect of my life trickles into the next, and that my mind, body, and soul are intricate components to my wholeness. I came to know that nothing is separate.

My sister’s death was a life defining moment. It was also a message of courage to turn my despair and adversity into GOLD.

I started to wake UP and better understand the gift that I am to the world, and what I have to offer here on this planet. I started to realize that each and every moment was precious and could not be recaptured. I started to hear the messages from my own body as they called me to pay attention. During her illness my sister had INSISTED that I become conscious in my life, or I would miss it. She vehemently said “you have time to savour each moment – and I DON’T! So get your shit together NOW!”

This journey has taken me through many fields as I learned to listen IN for my own answers, and move through the  fear of the unknown, fear of being imperfect, fear of death, and habitual fear of not having or being enough. Little did I know that I had arranged my life to protect myself from pain. Strangely, and without realizing it, I later discovered that it was the very thing that kept me in it.

And so I made space for inspiration to come in and developed practices that supported my healing and personal transformation.

Learning the art of deep listening to my Inner Core and my body’s intelligence have become the greatest gifts of my life. They’ve led me to learn how to care for myself first so that I can be of greater value in all my relationships.

Once I connected to something bigger than myself and tuned IN to this inner wisdom, everything changed. From the Inside out.

The way I think, feel, speak, listen, move, eat, sleep and how I express myself  keeps transforming itself on a cellular level as my nervous system adjusts itself, and there’s no turning back.  

These changes are occurring as a result of my decision to let my intelligent body and Inner Core show me the way, so that I can tend to living a life true to myself. As a result I can better tend to the relationships that matter most – those with myself AND with others.

Joy and clarity has now seeped into my bones and when I get off track I use powerful practices to get back on.  

And so can you!

My Credentials

Julie Veitch has facilitated in the field of personal and professional development for over two decades through formal coaching and training in public, private and entrepreneurial sectors. As a seasoned career practitioner and intuitive business mentor, she has supported thousands of women to discover their true gifts and realize their dream of building legacy doing what they love, while fulfilling their highest purpose and potential. Her thriving Inner Core Coaching practice serves purposeful women around the world to harness their resources and make a greater difference for future generations.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Trained and Certified by CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, ICF Member
  • Journey Practitioner Training, The Journey Work, Brandon Bays
  • Trained Adult Educator and Social Worker
  • Trained in Body Centered Coaching, Marlena Field BCC method
  • Experienced and in field trained Career Practitioner – 20 years in government and private sector
  • Trained in Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Studied and practiced Kundilini Spiritual Yoga – 14 years; Hatha Yogi – 17 years
  • Completed Naexus Course Intensives: The Art of Letting Go – 2 years
  • Life After Loss – Grief Training, The Grief Recovery Method

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