How Assumptions Derail You

I desperately wanted to work for myself, be in charge of my own time and space, make my own daily choices, create time for my own self-care, take inspired action at my own pace AND make a living from that. But it seemed so far away. Untouchable. Besides I had no idea...

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Time to Oxygenate Your Life

Have you ever noticed that when you have too much on the go, you start forgetting things, losing things, feeling agitated, unorganized or confused?   What your life looks like on the outside is a direct reflection of your inner life.  All the inner chatter that...

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Have a Dream Without a Plan?

Do you have a dream without a plan? If you do you’re not alone! We live in a society that’s drilled into us that we ‘should’ follow a career path that’s expected and acceptable by current standards. We should get ‘good’ grades in school, pick a ‘good’ career that will...

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Less noise, more clarity!

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if there was less noise and more clarity about what you REALLY want? Have you ever wondered what living your DREAM CAREER would look like for you? I want to challenge you to just take a minute to dream right now and...

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Your 2000 Bits Matter

We live in a world where there is so much sensory and information overload that it’s impossible to retain even a fraction of it. In fact according to neurophysiologist, geneticist, physicist Joe Dispenza, our senses send about 400 billion bits of information to the...

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It’s scarier NOT to listen

I said YES to picking up my entire life in one province and moving to another on the other side of the country. I was daunted as I left all that I had, all that I'd become, and all that I'd created. My friends, my work, my community, my surroundings, my reputation,...

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Activate just one of your gifts

Take time to find your passion and purpose, it's worth it! Marry them with how you live. Let your work satisfy your soul, and let your soul satisfy your work. Rise up each morning with optimism because you CAN. I know this because I found my true calling in the last...

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