A Permission Slip Just for YOU

You know that feeling of knowing you’re meant for something more but can’t put your finger on it? When you want to dream of something better, but the pressure from the noise inside your head pinches you off from really sinking into it?  You find yourself looking for...

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The Flip Side of Regret

Studies show that one of the top regrets people have at the end of their lives is not having followed their passion, taken risks and listened to their yearnings for something more. They often wish they hadn’t settled for the status quo in their career.   As our lives...

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4 Things You Need to Feel Whole

Humans are fundamentally wired with 4 needs - connection, belonging, growth and contribution. Most often we experience these through the work that we do, because let’s face it, we spend two thirds of our lives at work! When all of these things are active in our lives...

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How Assumptions Derail You

I desperately wanted to work for myself, be in charge of my own time and space, make my own daily choices, create time for my own self-care, take inspired action at my own pace AND make a living from that. But it seemed so far away. Untouchable. Besides I had no idea...

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