Activate just one of your gifts

Take time to find your passion and purpose, it's worth it! Marry them with how you live. Let your work satisfy your soul, and let your soul satisfy your work. Rise up each morning with optimism because you CAN. I know this because I found my true calling in the last...

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Your Dreams are Whispering

"Dreams always come from a whisper." Steven Spielberg This prolific, innovative and creative genius listened to the whisper inside himself, and the rest is history. Your dreams are not planned or calculated. They're more subtle than that. Some think that...

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5 Keys to Maintaining a Daily Practice

5 Keys to Maintaining a Powerful Daily Practice To get good at anything and MAINTAIN your momentum, you have to know WHY you are doing it. Think about the moments in your life that you’ve been in a “flow state”, where tension dissolved and all was well in your world...

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Secrets Only your Body Knows

Secrets Only Your Body Knows:   As a culture we tend to under-estimate the body’s intelligence even though it has the capacity to inform our lives in such significant ways. Surprisingly, according to Katie Hendricks, PhD of Transpersonal Psychology and Director of...

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Finally Feel More Joy. For GOOD!

Finally feel more lasting joy in business, and in life! Finally feeling more joy, for good is a universal goal that underlines so many of our lives. Our culture feeds this desire for more joy by conditioning us to seek joy "out there" in material things,...

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Weave Your Way Home

... and do it on purpose. From that centre sweet spot stems everything. Have you ever wondered how it is that the inner core in a web like this has enough strength to hold all that extends from it? And what would happen to the rest of the web were it to lose its...

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The Courage of Not Knowing

I've come to actually appreciate the not-knowingness of things! The place that invites curiosity for what might be around the next corner, and the receptivity to its surprises. For instance I didn't know how my kids would turn out and one day I just said, I have to...

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