“Break up with 9 – 5:  Your Roadmap to Reinvention”

A Soul Infused Program to help you craft a new livelihood that’s aligned with your lifestyle AND matches your passions, purpose and priorities!

This 4 month program will help you activate the best expression of your deep down gifts to create and implement your new business vision.

You will:
Explore and discover creative alternatives to your work, and transition to launching out on your own. 
Get 100% clarity on why you’re here and what you’re really meant to be doing on this planet.
Decipher your true gifts and translate them to your new currency aka business vision.
Confidently create your exit plan: give your notice in 90 days and implement your new vision.
Make your dream real and launch it into the world – get your first 3 clients.
Cultivate the courage to TAKE THE LEAP with intention and clarity.
Here’s what we’re going to cover:
DEFINE and IGNITE Your Dream: Enliven your passion and purpose.  Get clarity to start acting on your vision
  • Raise your ‘fulfillment factor’ by re-aligning your priorities with your vision
  • Learn how to say no to what’s ‘not quite right’, and make space for what is
  • Make good gut decisions and transform your outlook on what’s possible based on your real ‘why’
Discover what Makes You Tick: Uncover your non-negotiable core values to fuel the direction YOU want to move in
  • Clearly align with a new direction that’s a true fit by figuring out what really matters to you
  • Decipher what drives you to take inspired action and what doesn’t
  • Start looking at what you really want instead of what others expect
Redefine Success from the Inside Outtruly embody success as a feeling rather than a title
  • Learn to stop the elusive chase for ‘outward’ success and reconnect with your internal compass 
  • Pinpoint the limiting beliefs you hold about success that prevent you from achieving what you want
  • Build a sustainable relationship with your most reliable inner resources
Identify Your Career Options and Direction:  Harness your natural gifts to craft a meaningful livelihood
  • Uncover your innate gifts and strengths to leverage them for meaningful contribution
  • Optimize your true talents to avoid getting stuck in something that isn’t truly a fit for you
  • Build your inner confidence to make change, knowing you won’t make the wrong decision
Open doors of Possibility with a New Powerful Attitude: Clear the obstacles on your path to make your dream real
  • Activate ‘The Career Creativity Process’ by learning to quiet your inner critic
  • Target and remove both real and perceived obstacles and fears of success or failure
  • Turn on your possibility thinking and give yourself permission to dream big
Free up Your Emotional Energy to FINALLY Pursue What you Want: Eliminate self-sabotage to ensure success 
  • Learn what is REALLY holding you back and how your inner guidance can help you break through it
  • Discover how your body’s innate wisdom supports your decision making
  • Learn how to quickly recover when your mind starts to spiral towards fear and self-doubt
ACTIVATE Your True Career Calling: Identify Practical & Timely Steps to move toward your vision 
  • Turn your ‘personal and career capital’ into income generating actions and ideas
  • Discover and tap into new options, connections and resources that will move you forward
  • Create a new roadmap that clearly charts your new direction
Design a Solid Exit Strategy with Clarity and Confidence:  Activate your forward momentum to take steps in real time
  • Identify the tangible nuts and bolts needed to implement next steps in your new direction
  • Learn how to maintain your energy, personal well-being and focus during your transition
  • Craft a comprehensive personalized transition plan to gracefully move into your next adventure
This 16 week signature program is the same process that has helped hundreds of my clients take the leap and reshape their work life in real time to have them feel fulfilled once and for all!
By the end of our time together you will be ready to take active steps in the direction of your True Career Calling and start making it real.
Here’s what you get:
  • Pre-work Inventory so that you’re well equipped to come into our calls SUPER clear and ready to jump in.
  • Bi-weekly Quickstart training videos – these teachings will be yours forever so that you can utilize them through change and transition.


  • Personalized audio meditations / visualizations – you will be able to build your own individual ‘tool kit’ containing a number of powerful practices that you can access through any transition


  • Bi-weekly Program worksheets that will lead you more deeply through the exploration process and reveal your next steps.
  • 8 private 1:1 weekly coaching calls where you’ll dive into the week’s module, address questions and handle any personal roadblocks.
  • Audio recordings of all coaching calls.
  • Bonus 1:1 private coaching session with my Career / Business Transition expert team member to help support you in strategically promoting your best gifts.
  • Email/voxer access to me between coaching calls during business hours for any extra questions, support, or clarification you need.
  • Personalized Mindfulness Tool that will keep you focused on your bigger dream for the long haul.
What clients say:
I went in feeling overwhelmed and left filled with the hope of a new beginning and clear direction. We uncovered what gets me excited in a way that I hadn’t been able to do on my own. Julie provided me with help to gain the courage and confidence to step out on my own, as well as tangible next steps so that I could move into action.  As a result of coaching with her I have now started my own business, and she has supported me in getting UN-stuck and moving forward. 
K. Davies, Business Strategy Consultant, Muskoka, ON
I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done this work on my own . Through working with Julie I discovered not only that I was in my own way of my dreams, but that I  had so much more to offer than I’d previously recognized.  Her step by step system helped me gain the confidence I needed to take the next step in my career and  move through this transition with a lot more clarity and ease. 
Reggie Quesnel, Health Practitioner, Toronto, ON
To get started now please go to my scheduling calendar to book a Clarity Call with me HERE so that we can determine if we are a good fit by:
We’ll discuss details along with how to best work together according to your personal needs and goals.
I only take a limited number of 1:1  clients into my True Career Roadmap Signature program so that I can provide top quality focus and attention for SUSTAINABLE results.  
So as you’re ready to TAKE THE LEAP, let’s get started !

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