INtuitive Business Accelerator


An INTUITIVE path to building and growing your business so that you continuously attract your soul clients and accelerate your income. Work on YOUR terms in a way that’s aligned with your lifestyle AND matches your passions, purpose and priorities!

This 4 month program will help you activate  your deep down genius gifts to

FORM, BUILD and LAUNCH your Intuitive Business OFFERS in REAL TIME.

Your livelihood is the truest expression of your Inner CORE.


Our work together is designed for you to:

  • Get 100% clarity on your GENIUS MESSAGE and your niche.

  • Take ACTION to create OFFERS that will take your business to the next level.

  • Translate your potent genius into CURRENCY once and for ALL.

  • DEVELOP your INTUITION and LEVERAGE it to take decisive action and GROW and MONETIZE your business.

  • RE-CALIBRATE your energy for your most innovative LAUNCH.

  • Slay the patterns of fear for GOOD, get your next 4 clients and RAPIDLY accelerate your business.

Over the course of 4 months in our work together you’ll:

RE-IGNITE Your Dream Business:
Re-Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit to start taking REAL action on your vision NOW.
Draw the intersection between your non negotiable WHY and your next business moves.  
Inject your unique core values into all your business and marketing decisions.
Design your business in integrity with theTRUE FIT your soul knows it wants. 
BUILD the structural foundation you need for your business to hold optimum FLOW:
Develop the solid business systems that work FOR you in the background while you serve.
Design your dream business model and leverage it for meaningful contribution.
Laser IN on WHO YOU SERVE and WHY. 
Create your powerful message in a way that is CODED to YOUR very specific market.
Unearth the precise needs of your market so you can ‘tune in’ and sell to them with precision.
FREE UP Your Emotional Energy to Fully Embody What you Want:
Alchemize fear, eliminate self-sabotage and master your HIGHER consciousness to ensure success. 
MASTER your INTUITIVE and BODY  intelligences to make important decisions.
OPEN YOUR CHANNELS OF BUSINESS GENIUS and stream it consistently
Create powerful content that evokes emotional response on the regular.
QUICKLY recover when your mind starts to spiral towards fear of failure or success. 
MAGNETIZE your Soul Clients:
Elevate your OWN frequency as you release the fear of visibility and compel clients to reach out.
Be seen as an authority as you grow your connections organically and elevate your market presence.
Create your Genius OFFER and SELL with EASE:
Master INTUITIVE SALES AND MARKETING in a way that grows your business in leaps and bounds. 
Confidently price your offers in alignment with the TRUE value of the transformation you provide.
Let’s catapult you forward, ACTIVATE your genius gifts and turn them into CLIENTS & INCOME!  
This 4 month package is the culmination of my genius work that has helped hundreds of my clients take the leap and reshape their livelihood in real time!
Here’s what you get:
  • Pre-work inventory so that you’re well equipped to come into our calls SUPER clear and ready to jump in.
  • Quickstart Training Videos. These teachings will be yours forever so that you can utilize them through the evolution of your business.
  • Business Accelerator worksheets that will expand your consciousness and reveal your next steps.
  • 12 private 1:1 coaching calls where you’ll experience real time transformation and be given accountability steps to MOVE you into a successful LAUNCH. 
  • FEAR CONVERSION TOOL that will help you understand exactly how your fear behaves, and how to TRANSMUTE it to activate your own power quickly, and keep your FOCUS.
  • Audio recordings of all coaching calls.
  • Email/voxer access to me between coaching calls during business hours for any extra questions, support, or clarification you need.
  • Audio Consciousness Upgrading tools that will keep you focused on your bigger dream for the long haul.
What clients say:
I earned more in 3 months after working with Julie, then I had all of the previous year in my business! My whole mindset changed and with the tools she provided me, I regained my momentum and haven’t looked back. Stewart Leese, SJL Video Productions, Toronto, ON


I created, launched and filled my program, 7x’d my income and looking forward to continuing to create more and  growth my business beyond what I already have working with Julie. Monique Charlton, Writer, Program Facilitator, Muskoka, Ontario


I went in feeling overwhelmed and left filled with the hope of a new beginning and clear direction. We uncovered my genius and what gets me excited in a way that I hadn’t been able to do on my own. Julie provided me with help to gain the courage and confidence to launch out on my own, with clear next steps so that I could move into action.  As a result of coaching with her I have now started my own business, and she has supported me in getting UN-stuck and moving forward. 
K. Davies, Business Strategy Consultant, Muskoka, ON
I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done this work on my own . Through working with Julie I discovered not only that I was in my own way of my dreams, but that I  had so much more to offer than I’d previously recognized.  Her support helped me gain the confidence I needed to take the next step with a lot more clarity and ease. 
R. Quesnel, Health Practitioner, Toronto, ON
If you would like to apply, go to my application link here so that we can determine if we are a good fit.
I only take a limited number of 1:1  clients into my INtuitive Business Accelerator program so that I can provide top quality focus and attention for SUSTAINABLE results.  

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