HEARTSPEAK Group Program

This is a potent 8 week intensive to activate your OWN Heart Language and Monetize the Highest EXPRESSION OF YOUR Deeper PURPOSE AND GENIUS GIFTS.
You are here to SPEAK YOUR VISION INTO EXISTENCE by MASTERING the spoken & unspoken communication within yourself.
This Heart Language Transformational Technology ANCHORS you into your internal POWER centre, where you CREATE FROM YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

When you work with me you will:

~ Drop into your authentic voice. 
~ Become crystal clear on your purposeful mission for humanity.
~ Develop deep self understanding beyond your intellect, into your bones. 
~ Cultivate unprecedented self TRUST & stop questioning.
Interfacing with the language of your OWN HEARTSPEAK will dictate the quality of your entire life and livelihood experience! 

This HEARTSPEAK Intensive WILL show you how to:

  • UPGRADE your inner Heart Language VOCABULARY to its highest frequency as a WAY OF LIFE 
  • Learn practical skills & tools to heal and transmute old internal patterns that prevent connection with your Divine power source
  • Create an INNER NAVIGATIONAL MAP to align your next steps with your VISION
  • Learn how to utilize the internal movement of your words and senses to change how you talk to yourself, and AMPLIFY your ENERGY and FOCUS
  • Master & integrate your mental, emotional, physical & intuitive INTELLIGENCES
  • OPEN the channel of your INTUITION and cultivate true RESONANCE 

WHO is this for?

This if for you if you are a creative or spiritual entrepreneur, professional, or seeker who:
  • Wants to discover & fully EXPRESS the DEEPER layers of your soul’s MESSAGE and MISSION beyond perceived potential
  • Wants to discover the ESSENCE of what you are meant to do in this world, and TAKE STEPS to do it
  • Has tried everything & knows it’s time to develop INTERNAL RELIANCE to build from your CENTRE
  • Knows that this next ‘chapter’ is wanting more from you, and ready to focus on CREATING ANEW
  • Has a deep desire for connected self understanding, and ready to COMMIT to the deeper work

What’s included:

~ Eight 90 minute weekly live zoom trainings in an intimate group with 1:1 hot seat coaching
~ One private 90 minute 1:1 session to ACTIVATE your Heart Language 
~ Multiple HEARTSPEAK power practices to build and maintain connection to your creative life force energy 
~ Multiple DYI self coaching tools 
~ Voxer voice messaging access within dedicated business hours
~ Facebook community to connect you with a HEART TRIBE, and access weekly accountability prompts to forward and anchor your learning and action


$1500 full payment 
3 payments of $600 
($300 initial deposit will secure your seat) 
If you register prior to August 14 you will receive:

BONUS tools from my HEARTSPEAK toolbox including:

  • Intuition NOW Access Tool  –  Value $400
  • Magnetizing YOU Masterclass Series  –  Vaue $300
  • Express Your Genius Masterclass Series  –  $500
Are you ready to source and develop YOUR Heart Language to MOVE, PULSE & VIBRATE with your Heart’s TRUTH as you CREATE YOUR DESIRED REALITY?
To book a chat to see if this is a fit and discuss details, click on the link HERE

I’m looking forward to working together to ACTIVATE your HEART & SOUL POWER and let it become the FULLEST EXPRESSION  of your HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

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