How it Works

The Inner Core System™ is like yoga for the soul.

It teaches you to integrate mind, body and soul by mastering your internal eco-systems of communication.

It teaches you to alchemize your patterns of fear and gain the emotionally independence to CONSISTENTLY make empowered choices.


The Inner Core Coaching System™ is a unique approach using your body, sensory, intuitive and HEART intelligence as a conduit for progress.

Built in to EVERY coaching session is the guidance to tap into the answers that live inside you RATHER than looking for external solutions.


You will learn not only to listen to your intuition, but to TRUST it.


You will learn to close the gap between your head and your heart as I personally guide you through the 4 Cornerstones of this system which will increase your self awareness 1000%. You will learn to make deliberate clear choices that support the creation of your life and aligned business vision. From the INSIDE OUT.


You will learn “where” your emotions live in your body, and how to effectively move through them, rather than let them take over.


Inner Core Coaching is a real and palpable practice that re-adjusts your internal wiring. It’s about the movement and flow within your body, as it interacts with the movement and flow of your emotional energy.


Your stagnant energy will awaken your creativity, and get MOVING once again.


My understanding and mastery of the Inner Core work is both trained and innate. My lifelong personal evolution, formal training, and decades of teaching others is a culmination of this unique brand of coaching you won’t find elsewhere.


Clients get consistent results as our work is steeped in steady love, respect and a commitment to mastering your energy.

“My experience of coaching with Julie has propelled me forward both personally and professionally in ways I’d never imagined. She expertly guided me to build some new tools to catch myself spiralling in the same old pattern of fear and turn it around. I’ve grown to trust my intuition and I’m beginning to be relentless about standing steadily in my vision for my work and life. From this I’ve made important decisions to leave a toxic relationship and change the direction of my career. Thank you Julie, I’d recommend you any day!”

M. Forsythe 

Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Brantford, ON

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