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Let’s translate your CREATIVE Genius into CURRENCY NOW!


Julie Veitch, Inner Core Coach







Let’s translate your CREATIVE Genius into CURRENCY NOW!




Meet Julie! Get a glimpse of her style!

“I’m heading in a great new direction in a matter of days and having professional coaching support from Julie to help clear the path has made this a life changing journey.”

Jackie Riley, M.Ed, CMEC, Huntsville, ON, Principal, Riley Wellness Consulting 

The Inner Core System™

If the mere THOUGHT of venturing into your own business produces anxiety listen up!

I’ve designed this unique proprietary Inner Core System™ to help you turn your fear into unwavering confidence about your vision.

Because when you stuff down your fear, your dream waits another day.

This system TRANSMUTES FEAR and turns it into a faith and inner trust like you’ve never experienced before.

My program’s 4 Cornerstones will teach you how to stop looking outside yourself for the answers, and release the REPEATED emotional blocks that are preventing you from realizing your dream.

This is a palpable experience that lets you clearly define your bigger dream, harness your own power to OWN it, and turn your challenges into GOLD. 


~Inner Core work is more than a day’s worth of relief, it’s a deep shift in your bones~


It will help you to:

ACCESS your true potential to make your life really count!

BUILD resilience to make tough choices  with CERTAINTY, even in the face of adversity!

TRUST your instincts to speak your truth and express your gifts without holding back!

TAKE ACTION on your vision without second guessing yourself!

ACTIVATE your creative energy once again, so that you can design the LIFE YOU TRULY WANT!

Learn more about How it Works and my coaching style >

Are you wondering if we’d be a good fit? Schedule a complimentary consultation.


Inner Core Coaching offers you a pathway to SOURCING your uniquely CODED HEART LANGUAGE and creating a bridge to your unrealized potential. Clients who work with me grow their creative or spiritual business be leaps and bounds, make massive life altering changes in relationships with people, work, money, health and experience deep sustainable shifts from the inside out.


If you choose to work with me, you will receive solid guidance on foundational structures needed to build your thriving internal POWER as a point of origin for creating the external reality you WANT. You’ll never have to question whether you’re on the right path again!

Coaching programs have been created in concert with the degree of movement, momentum and growth that is desired. Please review all programs below to fully evaluate what you want for yourself, and reach out. 

Julie Veitch Group Coaching


Group Program

Julie Veitch Private Coaching

1:1 Private Mentorship

Julie Veitch Workshops

Workshops & Speaking


To get started now, please call 705-571-3994, email me at julie@innercorecoach.com, or use the contact page to get in touch.

To get started now, please call 705-571-3994,
email me at julie@innercorecoach.com,
or use the contact page to get in touch.

To get started now, please call
email me at
or use the contact page
to get in touch.

Julie’s Bio

Are you in the cycle of seeking answers from self-help books, workshops, gurus and still ending up in the same place?

Are you feeling pressure to be something you’re not, go fast, do more, be more, and it’s still never enough?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and your body and just want to feel better?

Are you stuck in the past or unsure of the future and can’t seem to be fully present HERE and NOW?

Do you wonder:

  • How can I find a way to feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?
  • What do I want for my life and relationships from here on in?
  • How do I stop wasting precious time?
  • How do I move past old memories that linger, and turn my pain into opportunity?
  • How do I embrace change more easily and take better care of myself?
  • How do I really expend my time and energy, and how can I feel more vitality?
  • What’s missing? 


I started asking myself these questions in earnest twenty years ago, and seeking answers from books, courses and worked with a Swami Guru for 14 years. The deep grief and adversity I’d experienced throughout my life had taken hold of me, and had me feeling overwhelmed, unsettled, scattered, uneasy, afraid, indecisive and in constant distress. 

I searched. And I searched some more to ease my pain. I found remedies and modalities that helped. Temporarily. 

I started to realize that no amount of talking or intellectualizing or affirmations could shift the way I felt.  Eventually I found something different, something sustainable! I found a deeper resource inside myself!

I realized that my own answers didn’t live in a book or a guru, they lived inside ME, and I discovered a way to ACCESS them!

Hi, I’m Julie Veitch, a Women’s Personal Success Coach and Advocate who is a seasoned Certified Professional Coach, an Inspirational Writer, and a Catalyst for Inner Change.  

I have combined my 20 years of formal coaching in both private and public sector, expertise as a Professional Co-active Coach, training in Body Centered Coaching, Social Work, Adult Instructional Design and regular daily yoga/meditation practices, to support people through transformational change.  

I use a body and soul centred approach to guide women in reconnecting with the Core of their Inner being, for the sake of achieving Personal Mastery in their relationships with themselves, others and the work they do in the world.


After a lifetime of looking for the magic pill ‘out there’, I realized that it doesn’t exist, and that everything I need is right here, INside of me. As I unearthed ‘how’ and ‘where’ my emotions lived inside me, and how to ‘move’ through them,  I made room for the answers to reveal themselves.

And I will show you HOW. I’ll help you drop into your emotions quickly and get them moving!

I’ve turned my own pain into GOLD over and over again

….and have now become known for finding the GOLD in others in a matter of minutes.

In concert with learning to rise above my own challenges I became a coach 20 years ago, and many, many people became drawn to me.

I began to share this process with clients, family, friends, co-workers and community. Over time I developed my own brand of tried and true Inner Core practices and tools, now known as the Inner Core System™ and have since dedicated my life to sharing these, and inspiring others to look inside to unlock their joy and live more fulfilling lives.

I’ve led over 1600 people to move from ANGST and FEAR to INNER CALM and pure JOY. It’s just what I do best.

Julie has the intuitive, inner wisdom and skill set to guide her client to find and be in touch with their inner voice. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and in a profound way. With her guidance I tapped into my own body and heart intelligence and reached a true, deeper insight and knowing. With this new understanding, change happened.          

– Jane Hunt, Retired College Professor/Counsellor, Algonquin College

What happens when you discover your own answers inside you, and learn to MOVE through your emotions rather than staying stuck in them and letting them pile up?

You start to feel at EASE in the world! You become comfortable in your own skin!

Emotions = Energy In Motion. They naturally want to move, and if you don’t let them, they get stuck. YOU get stuck.

I’m committed to supporting you in your journey of finding relief, ease and deep joy, as you step into ‘what’s next’ without being afraid!

I’ll show you you how to listen IN and use your body as a portal to access the answers living inside you.

One of the greatest tools I’ve learned through my experience, my coaching career and training is deep listening.

I know that to listen to others is directly related to my ability to listen to myself.

How do I know? What’s my story?  

Learn more about My Story >

Through coaching with Julie all aspects of my life have changed for the better – relationships (girlfriend, kids, friends), finances, travel. Everything in coaching is subtle, but the results are huge. I thank you Julie for all you have done in the rebuilding of my life. I look forward to continuing in the journey you helped to create.

– R. Quesnel, Health Care Professional, Innisfil, ON

“Thanks again for agreeing to be on the coaching team in the Pathways to Change Program. I know first hand that your involvement had a valuable impact on all of the lives that you touched. You come recommended by many.”

– Louisa Nedkov, Employee Wellness, Halton Region Health Foundation, Halton, ON

“Julie is not only an amazing coach but person as well. I have learned so much from her both in our sessions as well as watching the inspiring way she leads her life. She has such a contagious light in her that glows, one can’t help but walk out of a session feeling enlightened.”

– Jennifer Kingshott, Small Business Program Coordinator, Bracebridge, ON

“Julie is extremely non-judgmental. She is excellent at finding the root cause and bringing it to my attention. I have worked with psychiatrists for my whole life and working with her has given me more self awareness and peace of mind than any other session I have had.”

– S. Richardson, OPP, Southern Ontario Region

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Coaching For?

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Coaching with me by your side is for you if:

  • You are certain that there’s more, that there’s something bigger than you, and have a desire to explore what that is. 
  • You want to be more fully available and present in your relationships and in your day to day life.
  • You are at a new stage in your life, or an important turning point and know you want to go forward with EASE.
  • You sense that a crisis is brewing and you need to take action and avoid regrets.
  • You want to savor the moments before they’re gone and feel pulled between your professional and personal life.
  • You want to have inner calm and JOY become your day to day experience.
  • You want to have absolute trust in your decisions and listen to your instincts and intuition.
  • You are living a successful life yet feel that something is missing.
  • You want to handle changes in your body and emotional landscape with self acceptance.
  • You want to worry less about what others think.
  • You want to handle stress more easily & know how to get back on track.
What's Involved?

If you feel called to explore coaching with me, I invite you to make contact so that we can schedule an initial conversation through a complimentary consultation to see if it we are a good fit. If this is the case, we’ll designing an alliance around how we can best work together to really make this experience powerful and transformative for you.

An initial questionnaire, along with a coaching agreement will be completed and returned to me, and we’ll schedule sessions to fit your personal needs.

I build in relevant requests, inquiries or challenges between sessions to stretch you and keep your learning alive. What reveals itself from these actions will be brought back to our coaching sessions to add strength to the internal changes.

I act as a mirror for you and hold you accountable to making sustainable changes.

I’ll ask you to send me weekly check-ins to keep our powerful coaching conversations going.

What's the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

There are many resources available to help answer this question. The following is aligned with a resource provided by the Coaches Training Institute.

Working with a Coach:

A Coach brings awareness and curiosity to the emotions of clients so that they can make better choices and move into action, while being fully present with their current expression of emotions. A coach does not deal with the psychological antecedent to the emotion — that is the realm of therapy. If tearfulness, moodiness and depression continue over time and do not end, then the coach brings this to the attention of the client and together they explore the need for outside therapy. Clients can choose to work with both.

Coaching Therapy
Does not diagnose or treat. Diagnoses and treats; trained to work with mental illness.
Emphasis on present and future. Emphasis on past and present.
Solution oriented. Problem oriented.
Alliance is designed by coach and client together. Treatment plan is largely designed by therapist.
Explore actions and behaviors that manifest high self-esteem. Explore origins of behaviors or traumas that create low self-esteem.

Inner Core Chronicles

Where Your Dream Matters!

What’s IS Alignment Anyway?

What’s IS Alignment Anyway?

Have you ever considered that you have your own signature style for showing up in the world? Your own way of working, parenting, loving, speaking, dreaming, digesting, interpreting, moving, thinking? It’s a really specific DNA imprint that you’ve been given that’s...

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