You know when you have a desire for something more and it just doesn’t go away? This desire to do something, become something, contribute something, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it. You KNOW your Dream Business is inside you waiting to FLOURISH!


A desire that’s so deep inside you that you can’t shake it? The one that’s hard to put words to …. and so you don’t?


Your desire for more meaning and fulfillment has been put on the back burner and become so far removed from your reality that it’s become blurry.


But it still keeps you up at night.


Below the surface you KNOW it’s wanting to be given attention, but either you don’t even know what it is, or if you do, you can’t quite touch it.


The more you leave this kind of yearning in the background, the more painful it gets.


So, what if you were to find a way to touch it? What if you could start breathing life into it now instead of putting it off until later when it’s clearly defined and you have a plan to execute it?


What if there was a way for you to get closer to your dream now?


Here are 3 questions you can ask to do just that!


First create a quiet space inside yourself and get quiet with your journal. Start asking yourself these questions and hold them ‘close’, as living breathing questions. Keep your journal close as well.  Let the answers develop over time and trust them to morph as they give you more clues along the way.

  • What do you truly care about DEEP DOWN, that gives you chills when you think about it?

  • What trials and tribulations have you experienced, that you now have a yearning to help others navigate through?

  • What do you want to truly FEEL in your life?


Note that NONE of these questions have anything to do with the HOW or with planning. They are all about the WHAT.


CAUTION *  do not ruin a good ‘what’ with the ‘how’. If you get caught in this it will prevent the wisdom of your answers from rising.


When you take time to ask your heart these questions, you are activating something deeper inside yourself that is waiting to emerge.


If your head throws up immediate roadblocks, just remember that it’s the scared part of you that’s afraid of the unknown.

Also remember that when he dropped out of college, Steve Jobs didn’t start out saying “if I could make money at this, THEN I’d do it”. He just followed a deep yearning inside of himself to create, and the rest is history. As soon as he started to honor his deep-down passion he found a way to express it through his work.


THAT is what a TRUE Dream Business is.


What’s YOUR dream that you want to get closer to?


If you’re ready to dig deeper and find out, I’m here to support you like I’ve helped multiple hundreds of others do. Go ahead and schedule a free Intuitive Business Activation call with me HERE. We’ll have a look at your biggest challenge that prevents you from moving toward your dream, and how we can work to get you moving forward.

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