You know that feeling of knowing you’re meant for something more but can’t put your finger on it?
When you want to dream of something better, but the pressure from the noise inside your head pinches you off from really sinking into it?  You find yourself looking for ways to temper the noise, wishing it would all stop and give you space to just get quiet, imagine and milk this dream for that ‘something more’?
When you go to a yoga class, or for a walk in nature, or on a vacation, or listen to music and the noise diminishes but only temporarily? And then your dreams end up being relegated for while you sleep?
What if your dreams could see the light of day?
What if you CONSCIOUSLY gave yourself a permission slip to think outside the box? Or made focusing, envisioning and dreaming a CONSCIOUS act, not unlike any other activity?
Here are some ways to start doing that……
Give yourself your OWN permission slips! If you do you’ll come to really know what you’re meant for in this world!
Here are some powerful ways to start.
Give yourself ……
Full permission to be human
Humans are emotional beings and in any given day we experience hundreds of emotions. What if you started giving yourself permission to do just that rather than pushing them away (which by the way is what creates resistance aka mind noise)? One way to permit yourself to be human in this way is by fully acknowledging and actually silently naming your emotions as they arise. This will dissipate the emotional ‘charge’ and carve out a space for your creative energy to start flowing with new ideas, solutions, possibilities!
Full permission to fail
When you fail and make mistakes, you grow and learn about what you don’t want. Knowing what you don’t want leads you to knowing what you DO want.  We live in society that teaches us to do everything in our power NOT to fail because it’s considered as weak and unsafe. And so, you spend your entire life mastering ways to stay in control so as not to get it wrong. There’s a huge problem with this which is that the energy put toward trying to stay in control is not only exhausting but also COUNTERS the creative energy needed to expand and grow forward. It keeps you really, really small.
What would happen if you gave yourself permission to let go of control? You would have to give yourself …….
Permission to trust
What does this mean? It means that you’d have to let yourself surrender to that which lies beneath the noise in your head.  The ideas, the inspirations, the insights about what’s next that are still unknown to you but at your disposal……would emerge if you allowed yourself to trust the process.
Yes, this is an art. Yes this is learned, and yes you can have help to cultivate self trust and open yourself to receive the gifts, the signs, the answers that live right underneath the noise of worry, confusion or doubt.
Self trust is the key!
Trust that you can make mistakes and fail knowing that this will lead you toward creating the life and livelihood you really want.
Trust that you can be human and leverage your emotions in a way that supports your growth, your personal fulfillment, your dream!
My invitation to you is……
Give yourself a permission slip to say yes to YOU and start to build your ‘possibility thinking’ muscle by scheduling a free Intuitive Dream Business Activation session HERE where I’ll help you cut through the noise in your head and start dreaming again.



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