I hadn’t always known that I was a gifted “capturer of light”. Yet I’ve spent much time in heaven on many corners of the earth, finding diamonds amidst this beautiful natural world.
Me & my iphone travelling far and wide, capturing reflections of the LIGHT OF TRUTH that’s already here, inside and out.
Illumined images are a powerful metaphor for capturing the inherent RESONANCE of Heart TRUTH within.
All the ESSENCE of this truth WANTS? …. is to be voiced through the Language of Heart. For us all.
We just don’t know it. Or how to access it, let alone voice it.
There’s a way to harness the energy of Divine Light in YOU.
When you decide.
Decide to stop, see, remove what blocks it, and welcome IN the first hint of sparkle in your system.
Then the next, and the next …. and before you know it, you KNOW what you KNOW, and you can’t UNKNOW it.
You’re vibrating with the infinite truth that you are powerful beyond measure.
We all are. We just forget.
I forgot, until I realized I could DECIDE to ignite this remembering.
I learned how to capture the glimpses of light inside and out, hold them, and build the integrity of my HEART POWER centre.
✨✨Inner Core work has been worth GOLD to me, because every time I re-orient back toward my true nature, it counters illusion, magnifies the diamond of light of truth, and I pulse in congruence with the larger heartbeat of the Universe once again.
HERE is where the outer noise becomes irrelevant, and inner HEARTSPEAKS.
HERE is where the new neural pathways are created strong and steady.
Doors are open for my new program HEARTSPEAK. Be ready to capture your own Heart truth, develop the INner language that’s been waiting to be known, and pulse with who you were ACTUALLY meant to be. Reply to this email or book a chat HERE to see if this is a fit ~
xo Jewel
PS. –
I’ll be doing a guided Diamond Heart Power meditation practice in my facebook group HERE, and leading you to experience what your Heart Language sounds like, feels like, looks like! Come and join us!

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