Take time to find your passion and purpose, it’s worth it!

Marry them with how you live. Let your work satisfy your soul, and let your soul satisfy your work. Rise up each morning with optimism because you CAN.

I know this because I found my true calling in the last few years. It wasn’t by accident that it happened. It was by design.

That thing that was niggling at me telling me that something had to change didn’t go unnoticed. It had been brewing for a few years but I didn’t know what it was, or what to do about it.

Until I decided to dig deep and really explore my values, my innate gifts, my passions, my purpose. All these pieces of the puzzle informed me and enabled me to realize that all I had to do was to ACTIVATE ONE of my gifts and bring it to life. Just ONE.

Every day I wrote inspirationally. I’d written poems since I could remember and loved to create this way. I joined a ‘100 days of shifting challenge’ where I wrote and wrote. The more I wrote the more inspired I became.

I wrote about being self employed because that was the only thing I knew I wanted for sure, but with NO idea as to what I would do to earn a living that way. All I knew were the core desired feelings I wanted to experience when I was working for myself.

I sank into the feelings of passion and creativity and freedom and spaciousness and connection to begin with. My mind, my spirit, my body started to grow even healthier and open up to more.

Even though I didn’t have THE vehicle to make something happen, what I did have was the INtention and energy behind it. What I did have was a new perspective of POSSIBILITY thinking rather than lack thinking.

The thing was I didn’t really have a clear answer about what I needed to DO to make a career change….but what I did have was alignment with my creative energy from the writing.

THIS WAS KEY. In yoga, Creative energy is called Shakti energy and it’s the life force that drives us all. When we’re doing something that’s unsatisfying it drains us and pinches us off completely from new ideas or inspiration or insight or flow.

I’m not surprised looking back at how organically the idea of Life Coaching emerged because it came as a result of being IN creative FLOW. Who knew that writing creatively would open doors to an idea like that.

In the interest of “creating” I’ve since developed a process that integrates the “Personal Capital” we all have (our gifts, skills, passion and purpose) to access our deep down soul’s true calling.

It’s so much fun to work with people who really want to find a vehicle that will express their soul’s true purpose….and earn a living!

It’s so much fun to witness people stepping into meaningful work and making their life count in a way that they’d never imagined!

If you’re in a career that is crushing your soul and know there’s something more, yet can’t quite get a hold of it, I’ll show you how to grasp what that is!

Just send me a message here and I’ll let you know how to get started!

If there’s a quiet voice that’s telling you there’s more, listen. It’ll be worth the ride!!

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