Lately I’ve been STRONGLY nudged toward honoring my own standards, NOT someone else’s.
It’s been growing my desire to nurture my energy in a way that keeps my fire burning.
A fire that burns with ideas that translate into the exact living and working environments I desire.
A fire that burns with the exact words that need to pour out of me as I guide others to find and feed their true gifts AND discover their true livelihood.
A fire that burns with the willingness to let those words flow through me from a higher place.
This fire……it keeps burning BECAUSE I’ve decided to feed it.
It wasn’t always that way. I’d let my fire dim in exchange for approval from others or perceived security. I’d compromise my values and ignore my own inner voice JUST so that I could keep the peace, be included and feel safe. At times, my fire would become so dim I could hardly see it anymore.
I’d lost track of my own standards for how I WANTED to live, play and work.
I’d allow a conversation that was going south to continue AND even engage in it, pretending to agree. I’d follow societal and organizational rules of conduct that said “don’t speak up” while knowing deep down they didn’t align one single bit with my own personal truth.
My standards had become loosy goosy.  Like jello.
Soft, hard to hold, and contained in a bowl of external opinions, beliefs and expectations. This ‘jelly like’ consistency made it seem hard to hold onto my own truth, and it would easily fall off the spoon.
I’d ingest this jello and realize it had no substance.
MELT IN YOUR MOUTH disintegration of standards for what I desire and what I require!
Until ….I decided to re-ignite my fire of impeccability. THIS gave me the fuel to walk my talk and say…
  • Rather than drop your standards ‘just for a minute’ to appease something or someone, stand by them no matter what!
  • Rather than engage in negative conversation, listen to the signals your body is giving you, and EXIT.
  • Rather than “over-do and over-give” for the sake of someone else’s expectations, STOP.
  • Rather than compromise your beliefs so that someone else feels better, speak UP.
It’s NOT ok to stay quiet or minimize your gifts and contribution so that others don’t feel uncomfortable.
It’s NOT ok to surround yourself with people who don’t feed your spirit so that they don’t kick you out of their club.
JELLO LIVING at work and home only causes you to feel OUT of integrity and alignment with yourself!
Declare your standards to yourself and create what your heart desires!
Because you CAN.
Take an inventory and unpack this for yourself by asking these questions:
    • What ARE your standards about who you surround yourself with?
    • How DO you make your decisions about your desires for a dream business or direction?
  • What DO you decide to do with your own precious time?
Make sure that you’re aligned with your EXACT standards, so that your energy stops leaking and your vitality starts rising. 
Stoke the embers of YOUR FIRE!
It’s YOUR life!
It’s YOUR livelihood, and you were meant to BRING IT!
For more on getting UNSTUCK from a job you don’t love click here and start raising your standards NOW!

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