What’s the conversation that’s going on inside your head? What does it base itself on?

Is it based on past evidence about how things have always been? Evidence that shows what you can’t have or why things won’t work?

If so you’re not alone!

Given that 60,000 thoughts go through our minds each and every day, and only 5% of those are conscious….AND 75% of those are repeats from yesterday, that tells me that MOST of these internal conversations are based on unconscious thoughts from the past.

No wonder it’s such an art to think about and imagine a new reality, a new future, a new livelihood, a new dream or vision you have for your life….because you haven’t yet SEEN it, or been given evidence of it!


BUT….what if you were to design a new conversation in your head about what’s POSSIBLE, knowing that life is a physical manifestation of THAT?

I’m here to tell you that imagining yourself into your vision for your life and re-designing your internal conversation toward what you WANT….EVEN if it hasn’t happened yet, WORKS!!

Because where your attention goes, energy flows. If your attention is focused on the way it’s been rather than the way you WANT it to be, you’ll get more evidence to prove that as true. Conversely if you focus your attention on what you want and haven’t YET seen or experienced, you’ll get more evidence to show you the way there!

Try it…..imagine something that you really want…..find words to describe to yourself how it feels to already have it, how it sounds, how it smells, how it tastes, the color, the texture, the shape, the temperature. Envision yourself into the experience fully. Feel into it fully.

It doesn’t mean it will happen immediately, but it means that you’re opening yourself up to its materialization simply by feeling good in the new conversation you are CHOOSING to have in your head.

When people ask me how on earth I keep creating the life I create.

This is it!

Napoleon Hill once said….Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. He is right.

PS this is a daily practice. Not unlike building a new muscle, it requires reps! What will you do today to start building this muscle? Hint – if you don’t KNOW what you actually want, start by focusing on how you want to FEEL!

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