We humans have two important internal systems.
Intuition and logic.
We’ve been raised and parented by logic. Our society has taught us to believe that it’s the only reliable thing. We’ve been conditioned to overthink and to believe that we need evidence and proof that something will work BEFORE we take action.
We think we have to plan every step so that we don’t fall.
It’s where the clichés originated – “look before you leap”, “seeing is believing”.  We’ve been taught that before we leap into action we must ensure our landing spot first, or that we must SEE evidence before we believe something to be true.
When was the last time you took a step without knowing the outcome?
Have you ever tried a new recipe or gone to an event or taken on a new project to build something WITHOUT knowing exactly what it would taste like, feel like, look like?
Of course you have, because you were INSPIRED to discover something more.
You didn’t know the exact outcome before you started, but was it worth it?
Here’s the thing.
Intuition INSPIRES.
Allowing logic to be the sole driver actually cuts you off from your intuition (where the higher intelligence and wisdom and ideas actually reside).
Here’s where logic does have its place.
ONCE you have an inspired idea or vision, the logic can then create structure around it and help you achieve it. Not the other way around.
Intuition must come first, and we must learn to listen.
Most don’t know what their intuition IS. And believe that because it doesn’t give the whole roadmap, it’s meaningless and unworthy of attention.
 The consequences of not listening to it are profound.
 Here’s why.
It comes out of nowhere and communicates with you. It’s the voice that guides you and says “go here, turn left, write this, say no, this doesn’t feel right, here’s a crazy idea”.
What do you think happens when you are at odds with what your heart and soul really want?
You suffer. You get anxious without knowing why. You constantly overthink. You feel empty and undirected. You stay stuck and ignore your true calling! Sometimes for YEARS!
Want to learn how to recognize, listen to and TRUST your intuition so that you can step into your calling?
Schedule a 90 minute Deep Dive coaching session to help you tune into your intuitive intelligence to start getting clarity NOW rather than LATER.
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Because Your Dream Matters!

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