5 Keys to Maintaining a Powerful Daily Practice

To get good at anything and MAINTAIN your momentum, you have to know WHY you are doing it. Think about the moments in your life that you’ve been in a “flow state”, where tension dissolved and all was well in your world and your relationships.


If you want more of that in your day, your life, there’s no other way to have it than to intend, focus and PRACTICE having it. There’s no other magic pill.


Daily practice can have so many positive ripple effects including helping you respond rather than react, make clearer decisions, speak your voice with confidence, grow a healthier relationship with yourself and therefore with others,  navigate change more easily, to name a few.


Life is fluid and everything changes moment-to-moment. Nothing remains the same. However, when you become clear on your why, and consistent in honoring what you want in your life, momentum becomes generative and you can develop the ability to ebb and flow with life more easily.


There are various ways for you to practice and intentionally experience a greater sense of steadiness within the ebb and flow. It’s important to ensure that you incorporate two things in your daily practice –  movement in your body, and stillness in your mind and soul.


The more you make your daily practice intentional, the greater overall creative and emotional health you can experience. It’s like building a muscle that will net you stronger, clearer, more spacious feelings of ease on a more consistent basis. Consistency every day improves any skill, and gets you a lot further than a one time blast.


If we use the example of going to the gym once a week, it’s a great way to keep up your body health and fitness, flexibility and strength. Going 3 or 4 times a week will serve to grow and develop your body strength to an even greater degree, and you will become even more limber.


So if you want to become more limber emotionally, in the face of change and challenge, it has to matter to you enough to go to the metaphorical ‘gym’ regularly to keep those muscles warm.


Here are 5 Keys to Maintaining a Powerful Daily Practice:


  • Customize it – allow it to change and morph, play with different versions, sequences and lengths depending on what makes sense for you.
  • Ensure it includes both Movement (yoga, walking, tai chi), and Stillness (meditation, a gratitude journal, visualizing, conscious breath work) to name a few.
  • Make sure it resonates with YOU! You will know by how it makes you feel! Follow your intuitive intelligence and let it guide you. Practice with curiosity, patience, inquisitiveness and above all self-compassion.
  • Start small, start slow. Practice ONE thing 2-3 months straight, so that your brain can condition itself to start integrating it automatically. Then add to it as you go. What typically tends to happen is that people try to do a whole bunch of new things all at once to create several new habits, and can’t keep up as they haven’t yet given themselves a chance to anchor any of them solidly…..and don’t end up sticking to any of them.
  • Be gentle with yourself if you miss a day. Then simply remember WHY you are doing it, HOW it benefits your life and your ability to navigate the inevitable change.


Here is my current personal practice that sets the tone for my day:


Typically I’m up at 6 and lie in my bed tuning into what I appreciate (my bed, the warm pillow, the good sleep I had, the great day ahead, the roof over my head, the sun through my window). I visualize what I want for my day, get up, drink lemon water, do my 30 second Body Centering practice, throw down my mat in the living room, stretch my body in whatever way it’s calling me, end it off with a short meditation, eat breakfast, write my daily personal power statement and then say it in the mirror to myself, go for a walk, come home, do my 30 minute beach body workout, shower. Then I’m ready for the day!

In the spirit of starting or rejuvenating your own practice, try new things on for size and ask yourself what feels good! In the spirit of maintaining your commitment ask yourself, what do you WANT to create in your life, which inevitably can point to your WHY!


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