“Dreams always come from behind….in a whisper.” Steven Spielberg

This prolific, innovative and creative genius listened to the whisper inside himself, and the rest is history.

Your dreams are not planned or calculated. They’re more subtle than that.

Some think that dreaming is for the birds.

Or that they’re impossible.

Or that it’s frivolous to spend time with such an intangible thing.

Or that they’re only for certain people.

Or that they’re too far away to really take seriously.

Or that there’s too much stuff in the ‘way’ to actually think they could happen.

Or that because they’re not necessarily 100% clear at first, they must not be real.

I beg to differ.

Here’s what I know……that when I listened IN to the quiet whispers of my soul I heard some whispers….barely audible, but they were there. I knew this because I felt a flutter in my heart. Even though I didn’t get a clear picture at first, I knew it was there.

The flutter whispered ‘work for yourself’. I asked HOW on earth am I going to do that? I listened, got curious and opened up to the answers inside, and the more I let …. as in LET myself do just that…the more things started to reveal themselves to me.

But I had to listen. LET myself listen. And I had to trust in the untouchable. Bit by bit, day by day.

As I look back years later at all the things that showed up along the way to lead me to my dream, I celebrate having been patient.

I celebrate that not only am I working for myself but I am doing what I absolutely love AND working on behalf of others who deserve to dream. I’m showing them to dream too. And thriving.

The hardest thing is to listen to the whispers, but if you do, I promise there’s a treasure there for you.

It’s called a flutter that will show you what you really want. Martha Graham calls it a “quickening”.


Whether it’s to work for yourself OR pursue a new more meaningful career that taps into your gifts, you DESERVE to follow your own flutter!

It’ll help you define that dream for yourself in ways you never imagined.

Then as you to give it permission, as in LET IT…..it’ll come to life.

Bit by bit you’ll get clarity.

Day by day you’ll see the next step on the stairs.

No you can’t see the top of the staircase as you’re not there yet, but you CAN see the next step if you listen to the wise whisper.

This well known film maker, Steven Spielberg created a living from a dream. If he can do it, if I can do it, so can you!

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