Finally feel more lasting joy in business, and in life!
Finally feeling more joy, for good is a universal goal that underlines so many of our lives. Our culture feeds this desire for more joy by conditioning us to seek joy “out there” in material things, relationships, titles, possessions. We live in a society that brilliantly markets to this yearning through its creative advertising, and leads us to believe that our freedom and lasting joy comes when our circumstances change, and that when we obtain that thing, or get that promotion, or have that perfect relationship or body, we will finally have all that we’re looking for.

The problem lies in the temporary nature of creating joy and success from outside ourselves.

Redefining success from the inside out is the key ingredient to feeling more joy, for good, in business and in life.

Flipping the meaning of success on its head is the mother of personal and emotional sustainability! This requires a deep shift in perspective where we begin to view the world from a new lens that is internally motivated rather than the other way around.

We can’t move into a new perspective however until we can fully experience what our current one is.

How do we do that?

We learn the Art of Presence, and to welcome whatever arises, rather than resisting it.

People have so often asked me “how do you find this inner calm that you so easily emit?” This ‘baseline feeling’ of intrinsic joy for me has come from practicing the Art of Presence aka Mindfulness, which is defined by Daphne M. Davis, PhD, Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Mass. as “a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment”.

A study from Oxford found that mindfulness practice can reduce relapses into depression by 44%, with some researchers saying it is as effective as taking antidepressants. Experts say that it’s the antidote to the fast-paced world we live in and reduces stress, while positively affecting memory, brain and physical health, immune function, and improving DNA repair which slows down the rate of ageing.

Then why don’t more people commit to mindfulness and feel more joy, more often?

What’s challenging is that we’ve learned as a society to numb ourselves using outside distractions to avoid the inevitable pain inherent to living. We’ve been taught not to feel and unfortunately, we cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb pain, we also numb joy. As a result, we pinch ourselves off from our natural flow of creativity and vitality.

Learning to FEEL what arises in the present moment is an art which when learned can lead us to experience success in a new way, and tap into our often-forgotten intuitive intelligence. This intelligence lies underneath the inner chatter which repeatedly loops up to 60,000 thoughts per day (most of which are unconscious).  Dropping out of the busy mind that lives in the past or future, and into our intuitive wisdom can be done through presencing ourselves fully to ‘what’s here now’.

The problem is, the busy monkey mind is very reluctant to let that happen.  But there’s another way! We can learn to use our often hidden and unconsidered resource – the BODY’S INTELLIGENCE. Our body provides an immediate response to every conscious and unconscious thought, and constantly gives us important information, however we as a culture have learned to disconnected from our body and its messages go unnoticed. When we begin to pay attention, our body becomes a gateway to the presence of our intuitive wisdom, and opens the door to discover the answers that live inside, beyond external influences.

Here are 3 preliminary steps to begin experiencing internal success using our body’s intelligence and feeling more joy.

  • Stop – what you are doing, thinking, planning.
  • Breathe – bring your attention to your breath as a way to drop yourself out of your busy mind and into your body.
  • Ask – “what’s here now”. Pay attention and simply notice any sensation, tension, emotion that may be arising.
  • Welcome whatever arises. What we resist persists, so instead of pushing it away, turn toward it, give it a space to exist, welcome it in.

From here just watch and notice how you start feeling a visceral shift. It’s possible to move from chaos to inner calm when we stop, breathe and be here now. This practice of presence is the first of 4 cornerstones to start experiencing success as an internal ‘feeling’ of more lasting joy. For good.


Subsequent blogs and articles on the Cornerstones of More Joy, For Good to come. Stay tuned for next article – Secrets Only The Body Knows

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