Have you ever had moments in your life where your whole being feels so tightly wound that you can’t unwind it no matter what?

Where the stress has simply taken over and you can’t see straight? Where your body is tense, your jaw is clenched, your belly is tight or your throat is constricted?

Have these moments ever turned into hours or days or weeks or months where you can’t even sleep because of it?

Have you ever felt like this while feeling immobilized inside a deeply dissatisfying work life? Has this translated to negatively impacting everything else in your life?

I’m asking because it’s happened to me, and I know I’m not alone!

The contribution I’d longed to make and the fulfillment I’d wanted from my career didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to.

My body started to tell me so. It started to tense up regularly, my energy got depleted, and my mind started to go into places that weren’t even based in reality.

I lost sight of my passion and purpose and started feeling more and more restless. My kids were leaving home and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to find fulfillment there anymore. I started asking myself where I could find that fast dwindling piece again!

As humans, our stress response is to fight, fly or freeze.  During these times the feeling of anxiety takes over and starts to run the show.

When this happens, sometimes we don’t even KNOW it’s happening (I didn’t), until the physical tension or tightness gets so pervasive we can’t ignore it anymore.


Only when we listen can we put ourselves in a place of being able to do something about it.

What can we do?

We can acknowledge the anxiety / tension, and rather than resisting it, welcome it in as part of being human.  Turn toward it rather than away.

Instead, we’ve been taught to push it away, keep going, deflect.

Remember, what we resist persists – so as soon as we release even a tiny little bit of resistance through acknowledging and honoring the tension and anxiety, we are making room for something else.

If you could choose, what would you want that ‘something else’ to be?

Would you want it to be Clarity? Peace? Confidence?

What if creating these spaces between the tension enabled you to feel those things?

What if getting present to your body’s signals as it reacts to life’s challenges  allowed you to move through them more easily and therefore start feeling more empowered?

What if this skill enabled you to have greater clarity about what you really want in your relationships with your loved ones, your body, your work in the world?

It’s called a skill because you need to practice and practice in order to hone it. It’s a skill that is at the foundation of every single clear vision, aligned decision, joyful experience.

It’s a skill worthwhile learning.

It’s the very first cornerstone of my Inner Core System that sets me (and my clients) up for success in handling the curveballs of life in a more powerful way.

It’s the cornerstone that’s been responsible for establishing a clear path towards finding my passion and creating the life and work I love.

When there isn’t an ounce of clarity in sight, it’s tough to know how to even START creating the life you want.

You are NOT stuck! You just lost your way for a bit like we all do.

Want to learn more about these key cornerstones to get unstuck and back on track with clarity about your options?

Just reach out HERE on this link to book a Clarity Call with me. I’ll chat with you about how to get started on your path of creating the life and work you love!

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