Do you have a dream without a plan?

If you do you’re not alone!

We live in a society that’s drilled into us that we ‘should’ follow a career path that’s expected and acceptable by current standards.

We should get ‘good’ grades in school, pick a ‘good’ career that will translate into a ‘good’ life, pick a ‘good’ college or university that will look ‘good’ on our resume, get ‘good’ performance reviews and get ‘good’ at towing the company line.

All the while we get progressively drawn into the external expectations and demands of ‘do more’ with less resources, which slowly and quietly kills our spirit.

So many women start to lose touch with who they really are in the name of striving to maintain status quo! All in the name of meeting a conditioned and erroneous expectation of ‘success’. They start asking, ‘what does success even mean anyway?”

This was me!

I KNEW I’d had a dream of working for myself in a career that would allow me to fully express my unique gifts and talents, but it fell into the background behind the noise and numbers, and I couldn’t seem to find it again.

I stayed stuck for years quietly wishing about it, but didn’t see HOW I could pull it off, OR have a plan, so stayed right where I was.

Does this sound like you? Do you find yourself in a job you no longer want or love, spinning in all directions trying to please your boss while your health and relationships suffer?

You are not alone!

While perpetually stuck inside this cultural paradigm, women professionals just like you are experiencing a growing sense of dis-satisfaction and lack of personal fulfillment, becoming drained of energy and motivation, and don’t know why.

This dis-satisfaction at work has become a major culprit for the growing depression epidemic.

All in the name of this perception of “success”

While keeping your dreams on the down low, your “fulfillment factor” can easily decline to a zero.

Have you had a dream that’s fallen off the radar? Or lost track of what you even envisioned for yourself in the first place? Or wanted something more but never quite knew what it was, or where to start?

What if the one thing you DO know is that you once DID have a dream, and that the dream is now screaming for your attention (more often than not in the form of physical symptoms or relationship struggles)? That’s a GOOD thing to KNOW!

Here’s why!

Once you hear the call and start paying attention, that’s all it takes to get things moving forward. One step at a time the momentum starts to shift.

Once you start paying attention, THAT in itself will take you a long way toward starting to unpack what is IS you really want to do,  how you’ll remove the roadblocks and develop a real plan to get there!

Even if you don’t YET know the “HOW”.

When your attention shifts from pleasing your employer to beginning the process of uncovering your latent dream, and creating a strategy to move you toward it, suddenly it becomes easier to go to work everyday day.

Why? Because you’re now starting to make strides to work your PLAN to go beyond your 9-5.

When you have a destination on your map it’s MUCH easier to formulate a plan and take steps to get there!

I’ve helped hundreds of women to uncover their latent dreams and finally activate them once and for all!  It just starts with a conversation!

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can support you to discover what your dream business can look like, click HERE to schedule an Intuitive Dream Business Activation Call with me!

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