Heart Breath Healing Retreat


Breathe Life into Your Heart Gifts NOW ~

Release ~ Transform ~ HEAL ~ Renew

During this LIVE virtual experience you will learn how to harness your breath so that you can:

  • Raise the potency and frequency of your gifts
  • Release OLD stored energy and transform trauma
  • Neutralize fear and anxiety
  • Move yourself energetically from fear to faith in yourself 
  • HEAL through regaining full heart connection once again
  • Open to your Heart Gifts and let them SHINE

Cultivate internal connection, Focus and Resolve to FINALLY …..

~ BECOME who you were born to be

~ RELEASE what you are not

~ Understand your capacity to provide deeper transformation in your clients

~ CREATE your NEW story to make the next part of your journey IMPACTFUL 


Join this LIVE experience in the private ZOOM room

May 31, 2022 @ 1-2:30 pmST (recordings will be available)

Cost: $55 

Let’s drop you from your head INto your heart and reopen the doorway for creating joy, freedom and attunement to your authentic gifts. 


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