I desperately wanted to work for myself, be in charge of my own time and space, make my own daily choices, create time for my own self-care, take inspired action at my own pace AND make a living from that.

But it seemed so far away. Untouchable.

Besides I had no idea what on earth I would or could even do as an entrepreneur.

For years I’d put it on the back burner and let my many assumptions lead the way.

I assumed it could never actually materialize.

I assumed that dreams were for other people, not me.

I assumed that because I didn’t have a solid self-employment idea I couldn’t do it.

I assumed that the prospect of this was a pie in the sky and I could never…..

I assumed that the security of my ‘job’ was the only sure thing.

Here’s how assumptions cannot only limit our progress and separate us but also derail us from our true vision and goals.

Here’s how assumptions………

Limit our progress:

When you assume it’s like coloring inside the lines. Here’s what I mean. You might think that what you see is the only real thing, and that’s all there is. You may be convinced that the lines mean you can’t go beyond them, therefore you stay inside their limitations.  For example, if you assume that there’s only so far you can go, this might keep you in the status quo of your job, and your perception of the security it brings. If you assume that unless you have a comprehensive A-Z plan you should not move forward in any way, this assumption becomes the enemy to growth and progress.

Causes separation:

When you hold onto your assumptions you hold onto limited perceptions of people and situations. Have you ever met someone and made a decision in an instant that they were a certain way based on how they looked or acted? And due to your decision, you behaved accordingly towards them? Then later discovered that there was so much more to them that you’d previously realized? These assumptions separated you from a potential more meaningful connection with this person. The same applies for situations.

Derails us:

Your assumptions are always based on past evidence, and when you expect things to go according to the past, you make no room for something different. Given the ever-changing nature of life, these assumptions will never measure up to what’s possible because it hasn’t happened yet. So assuming the way things ‘should’ be based on previous experience can easily derail you from tapping into unexplored possibilities when something new arises.

This is what can happen with your long forgotten dreams – your assumptions ABOUT them can completely limit, separate and derail you from their very essence.

What if examining and debunking your assumptions allowed you to really move in the direction of dreaming again and starting to design the life and work you love?

What if you didn’t believe everything you thought or assumed?

It’s not always easy to deconstruct your assumptions and I’m here to help! If you’d like to chat about the art of deconstructing your long-held assumptions and beliefs click HERE to book a no strings attached Clarity Call with me and we’ll get you back on the rails!

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