Here’s what I know about you ….

You’re not REALLY here for the MATERIAL THINGS ARE YOU?


The money, the cars, the travel, the flexibility that your entrepreneurial lifestyle will give you. Sure, it’s all amazing and it’s what you desire…but that’s not what you’re really after.


You want to look at the fulfilling life you created, the impact you had WITH your creation, and you want to feel PROUD of all that you’ve accomplished, and the legacy you’ve left.


You want to show up for your family and give them the security you may not have had. And for your loved ones to look at you and feel confident in themselves BECAUSE of what they see in you.


And above all, you want to finally BELIEVE in, and unapologetically express exactly who you are, AS you create a life you’ve always dreamed of.


You might be rolling your eyes right now, thinking…


“Julie, GET REAL. Not everyone is lucky enough to have all their dreams come true. That’s just reality. I have things to take care of BEFORE I think about attending to my own SOUL MAGIC and turning it into the most fulfilling livelihood. It all sounds great, but first I have REAL responsibilities (financial ones, family ones, personal ones). Let me work with what I have, build on and market my ‘thing’, make money from it and THEN I’ll attend to what my soul is calling me toward. THEN I’ll have the time and money to dedicate myself to THAT”.


I hear you. It seems impossible to think that just by simply focusing your energy & attention on learning to channel your INtuition, your creation WILL come to life 100 times faster, AND your energy will be so aligned that all the ‘responsibilities’ will be taken care OF.


But have you ever considered that by constantly focusing on what you THINK you have to do first, you’re totally blind to the UNSEEN creativity, solutions, ideas, opportunities that wait for you when you open to your own soul flow magic?


You see, the reason I became an expert in Intuitive Marketing is to show people what I KNEW about the UNSEEN.


I KNEW that by creating this connection with the hidden 95% of INfinite INtuitive INtelligence that’s AVAILABLE, I could literally tap into limitless possibility AND show people how to turn their dreams into reality by accessing it on demand.


I KNEW that taking responsibility for MAKING this connection with INTUITION as a #1 priority, the rest ALWAYS falls into place. NO EXCEPTION.


And it’s MY JOB to show you HOW to connect with something SO MUCH GREATER than yourself, then you’ve ever conceived could be within your reach.


It’s why IGNITE YOUR SOUL MAGIC was born in the first place.


I see SO many people working tirelessly on their businesses TRYING to make it a go, get the right angle, do mindset work dissolve fears so that they can have freedom to work on their terms, call in more clients and income….and yet still experiencing an endless empty feeling that there’s something missing.


Here’s what I know about you …..


What’s missing is your creative flow. It’s stifled and you feel it.


The tap has run dry and you aren’t streaming YOUR SOUL MAGIC ideas and creations with wild abandon every single day (which is the EXACT energetic stance you NEED to sell YOUR brand of genius).


I also know that once you’ve taken responsibility for THAT?


Your thriving creative business, your income, your freedom and joy …. well they become natural side effects.


Wouldn’t it be super important to learn how to channel your Intuitive Intelligence and OPEN to your REAL GENIUS flow? How different (and so much easier) would your life be if you got your intuition to do all the heavy lifting for you?


Inside IGNITE YOUR SOUL MAGIC, I break ALL of it down for you in an easy to digest way so you actually feel like you CAN do this. You’re guided every step of the way with tools to reprogram your subconscious mind (the part that creates 95% of your reality) to:


– Show up on and off line in a way that feels completely soul aligned

– Speak your genius into existence with such ease and unshakeable confidence that clients start coming from out of nowhere asking to work with you

– Grow your business to new heights as a result of letting your genius BECOME your magnetic core message that expands your reach, attracts more clients to make consistent cash every single month!


Click HERE to join IGNITE Your SOUL MAGIC now!


IGNITE Your SOUL MAGIC is a 6 week intensive that:


– Ignites the flame of your deep down Genius Magic and intersects it with what your people need
– Kindles hot content and your ‘6 signature phrases’ that get noticed, grows your audience and sets their soul on fire

– Extinguishes the fear, turns it to faith, and sparks your creative energy on demand

– Gets you consistently visible, spreads your brand of Soul Magic and turns heads

– Magnetizes YOU and as a result turns ON your audience that’s ready to buy from you

– Channels your most soul aligned business model and systems for ongoing success
Starts February 3rd, so don’t wait if you feel the pull to SIGN UP NOW!

If you want to go ALL IN, let your greatest asset of INTUITION take you straight INto your next level SOUL BUSINESS, don’t ignore the Soul call!


Here’s to YOUR Soul Magic ~
Julie xo

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