Gratitude is something that changes your chemistry. The ACT of searching for something to appreciate enhances your ‘happy’ hormone. Given that like attracts like (it’s physics) the more you appreciate, the more things TO appreciate come your way.


This points to the power of having a daily gratitude practice. By starting to intentionally record 3 things you are grateful for in a journal you will experience a heightened sense of wellbeing and joy which can elevate your clarity about what you truly want in your life.


As this practice calls you forth to ‘search’ for NEW things to acknowledge that you are grateful for each and every day, it activates your happy hormone.


Now there is a subtle difference between GRATITUDE and CONTRIBUTION that can leverage your gratitude practice to a whole new level.


Here’s what I mean


Cheryl Sandberg wrote in her book “Option B” that gratitude is passive and that contribution is active. She said that when we ask ourselves ‘what did I do well today?” this shifts us into an active recognition of our contribution, our abilities to do well.


Here is a way you can leverage your gratitude to a new level


Instead of journaling “3 things I’m grateful for today”, I invite you to  experiment this week to write “3 things I did well today”. It’s a subtle yet powerful difference.


For example instead of writing “I’m grateful for my family” you can write “I shared my valuable idea in a great conversation with my family today”.


The difference is that the second statement will take you into a place of FEELING yourself actively engaged with something meaningful….and as a result increase your feeling of contribution, connection, and energy.


The small subtle things can be the most rewarding when you recognize them, voice them, AND WRITE THEM DOWN!


What are you catching yourself doing well today?

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