Where TRUE Soul Fulfillment Meets Immense Collective BENEFIT & Profitability ~

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This is a complete Intuitive Marketing Intensive bringing the kind of SOUL into your business that matches YOU and YOUR Genius signature TO A TEE.


No more wondering how you’re meant to REALLY be expressing your deep down soul’s calling through the vehicle of your business.

No more being immobilized in fear.

There’s NEVER been a better time for you to leverage technology to unearth and COMMIT to the REAL essence of what you’re here to do!

Once you’ve been HERE you’ll be: 

  • showing up on and off line with a new level of DEPTH and soul alignment in your messaging in service to this changing planet
  • growing & scaling your business to new heights as a result of having transformed the incessant fear patterns that have been running your life
  • speaking your genius into existence with such unshakeable confidence, that clients will be coming from out of nowhere asking to work with you
  • fully trusting and leveraging your Intuitive Intelligence as the most reliable resource you have, to take steps and move forward in your business
POOF, your genius will BECOME your DEEPER MAGNETIC MESSAGE,  you’ll get visible with a new level of ease, grow your reach, create more soul aligned clients, have WAY bigger impact in a fast morphing world, and grow your income while helping others in a significant way.

You’ll throw fuel on your burning desire to RISE to your next level, spread the wisdom that lives in your bones to all corners of the globe, and let your genius turn into collective profitability! 

Here’s what’s in store for you! A 6-week intensive that will IGNITE you for GOOD!

Module 1: IGNITE the FLAME of your CORE MAGIC

– Express your Genius into Existence and let it BECOME THE ESSENCE of your CORE MESSAGE

– Intersect your deep down MISSION and gift with what YOUR people need 

Module 2: Extinguish the Fear & SPARK your GENIUS

– Release the immobilizing fear and get into action

– Master your energy, shift your root beliefs and recalibrate on demand


Module 3: Kindle & Create HOT CONTENT

– Access the language of your soul to communicate to YOUR people

– Deliver powerful content that RESONATES, gets noticed and fuels engaged action

Module 4: Stoke your VISIBILITY FLAME

– Get your Magic CONSISTENTLY VISIBLE for collective benefit & profitability


  • FLOW your presence every single day & turn heads

Module 5: CRAFT your STRATEGIC bonfire

– Channel your OWN intuitive business model that works for YOU

– Build your hearth with simple systems for ongoing success


Module 6: FUEL your MAGNETIC fire

– ACTIVATE and AMPLIFY your magnetism to grow your soul client base

– TURN on your audience to explosive heights so they’re ready to work with you

You can grab your spot for $697 

If you’ve joined the waiting list, you’ll receive a bonus private 60 minute call with me using your coupon code!
Payment plan can be made available, just reach out.



Are you ready, or still wondering if this is for you? Well it is if….

  • You want to finally breathe life into the DEEPER essence of your soul business, and know that IF ANOTHER YEAR GOES BY AND YOU DON’T, you’ll look back with regret.
  • Your business has been rolling along, yet the substance & soul hasn’t clicked in – sure the money’s good but you wonder “what good is it REALLY” if you still feel empty.
  • You want to build a huge, engaged audience who care about what you have to say, AND get paid for doing what you LOVE.
  •  You want to gain clarity on your DEEPER message once and for all, step INTO the confidence of voicing it out loud and proud, and make this planet better than before you did.
  •  You WANT the unshakable self belief and INNER TRUST that opens the doors to the kind of success you KNOW is your birthright AND supports your ability to create what you came here create.

Time’s gonna fly in 2020!!!

I’d love to take you on this deeper journey so that you can finally trust that intuitive voice that’ll skyrocket your business this year ~

Are you ready to make it the year you emerge as the AMAZING ONE OF A KIND that you ARE?  Your next level awaits YOU RIGHT NOW not later! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If I miss one of the classes during the 6 weeks will I be able to access the replay to catch up?

Yes, replays will be available for every class for you to refer back to again and again if you need to.

Can I upgrade to the VIP anytime during the program, so that I receive private coaching from you?

Yes absolutely, just let me know you’d like to do that, and we’ll get you set up!

Will I benefit from this if my business is already rolling, I’m churning out the work, making money but missing the SOUL FULFILLMENT piece?

YES this is the PERFECT place and space for you to connect with the SPIRIT of your business, and once and for all start to BE, and work IN FLOW. There will be participants at varying stages in their businesses INCLUDING those who are already rolling.


What if I’m not CLEAR on the message I want to express or IGNITE?

This is the PERFECT place and space for you to connect TO your message and once and for all bring it to life! 

What if I can’t afford this right now?

Ask yourself what will it costs you NOT to invest, and what your life and business will look like a year from now if you DON’T? I’ll be offering this program several more times this year however this price point is one time only.

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Phone: 1-705-571-3994

Email: jewel@innercorecoach.com



Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


International Coach Federation

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