Have you been dreaming of something and wondered if it could ever really become a reality? Or does your dream feel fuzzy, below the surface and hard to even see?


Sometimes it’s hard to dream because we’ve convinced ourselves that it could never really happen, so why bother.  


Sometimes we don’t even give ourselves permission to dream because it’s too painful to realize we don’t have what we want. The gap between where we are and where we want to be has become so wide that we can’t see our way to ever realizing true happiness. The wider it gets the more we pinch ourselves off from our desires, which cuts the flow to our creativity, clarity and joy.


That’s when a dream has become a liability – when we’ve cut ourselves off from it, can’t remember it, don’t want to ‘go there’ because the absence of it is too painful.


This is a liability because it keeps us trapped inside a limited place where we feel stuck in our lives.


And the cost of keeping ourselves stuck is HIGH.


So high that it impacts our our health, our relationships, our potential for living a life that feels purposeful and satisfying.


But there’s good news here!


Often times we have to feel the pain in order to wake up to the fact that we want something more. EVEN if we don’t know what that is. That’s ok because the mere recognition that we want more is enough.


That recognition becomes an open door to peek inside to see what might be on the other side.


A dream for something more is a great start! EVEN if you don’t know what that MORE might look like, you KNOW there is something.


Ask yourself “what would that something MORE feel like”. Would it feel free or spacious or joyful or inspiring or connected?


Remember when you were a little kid and played pretend? Remember the feeling of freedom to create, imagine, express, be what you wanted to be?


Giving yourself permission to pretend your way into feeling free like this WILL open the door to creative flow – and that’s where dreams are born.


That’s where a dream becomes the asset that fuels your life with inspiration and meaning.


We are born to grow, expand and create from our unique inspiration. That’s how the world has evolved through time from a primitive to a technologically advanced  place.


Dreams are what’s fueled our expansion as a human race. When dreamers have attended to them that is.


Where are you with your dreams? Do they have permission from you to come alive or are they laying dormant inside the energy of self doubt?


Pay attention to the degree of attention you give them. It will make a difference between whether they are a liability or an asset.


Be the master of your own life and tend to your dreams! Water them with attention and they will become something you’ve never before imagined!

Because you CAN.

I know this because I’ve done it myself! Supporting women to tend to their dreams and design the life and work they love is my thing!  

Want to know how? Just click HERE to schedule a FREE Dream Business Activation Call with me so that you can start turning your dream into an ASSET! Don’t be shy!

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