Do you even know what your dream is? Do you have some hidden, deep down yearning that’s been hiding somewhere in the background for a long time, yet never really been given attention?

I did.

Five years ago, I was still working in a career that had run its course and knew I wanted something more, but had no idea what it could or would look like.

I now often ask myself “when did my dream become crystal clear?”  I realize that it wasn’t instantaneous. It kind of simmered over time in answer to a getting to know about how I wanted to FEEL.

And bit by bit, the better acquainted I became with knowing how I wanted to FEEL, the more I became able to DO something about it.

Here’s what I mean….

I KNEW I wanted to FEEL more SPACIOUS which for me meant living and working in a  non-congested physical space with less noise pollution.

So I acted on it.

I started to close my office door at work, which minimized the hallway and reception area noise.

I started to dedicate 5 minutes a day to just sit quietly where I would literally just listen to the sound of my breath.

I started to take daily walks in the trails near my house where all I could hear were birds and the breeze.

Bingo, I felt the spaciousness I’d yearned for!

I KNEW I wanted to FEEL more inner CALM, which for me meant leaving time between each activity in my day rather than packing things in back to back.

So I acted on it.

I started to intentionally leave ample time between each ‘segment’ of my day

I set the tone by getting up 15 minutes earlier each morning

When planning things, I embedded an extra 15 minutes more than was necessary to get from point A to point B.

Bingo, I felt the inner calm I’d yearned for.

For all the ways that I identified I wanted to FEEL, I found resourceful ways to feel them NOW rather than later.

Bingo, this gave me a sense that I was moving toward what I WANTED.

EVEN if my overall ‘dream’ wasn’t crystal clear, I knew I was moving in the right direction.

How did I know?

I became ALIGNED and CONNECTED with myself more because I was honoring my yearnings for feeling a certain way.

By becoming more aligned and connected to myself, the energy in my body flowed better.

Because the energy in my body flowed better, this opened the channels for clarity, ideas and insights to become accessible to me!

So often in our society we are conditioned to believe that when we ‘have’ certain things, then we’ll feel better! When I have my perfect job, my perfect mate, my perfect plan, then I’ll feel better!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t ever work that way!

So try this……..



What’s something you’ve been saying “when I have ___________(blank), then I’ll feel __________ (blank).

  • Fill in the blank.

  • Identify some resourceful ways that you can feel what you want to feel in the context of your day

  • Implement one small thing for 30 days to support THAT

Your dream is simply waiting to emerge with more and more clarity!

My invitation is for you to start feeling your way into your dream!

Because YOU matter!

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