I said YES to picking up my entire life in one province and moving to another on the other side of the country. I was daunted as I left all that I had, all that I’d become, and all that I’d created. My friends, my work, my community, my surroundings, my reputation, had all become a familiar part of my identity.


After all I’d been comfortable.  I had a good job, a good income, a good circle, a good home, a good family, yet there was a part of me that still felt unfulfilled. I’d thought that all these things would surely have added up to the ‘final destination’ of complete personal satisfaction.


What I hadn’t realized was that once my children started leaving home, the fulfilment I’d once found through the ‘nurturing contribution’ I’d made for 18 + years as a mother would start to fade and leave an empty hole in my heart. No more being everything to everyone, no more tending to my kids’ every need and feeling like a good mother because of it, no more spending all my time and energy to ensure someone else’s well being.


Who knew that the deep level of fulfillment this had brought me would be scooped away seemingly overnight. When I realized that giving them wings to fly meant that my own wings would start calling me to do the same, everything changed.


I found a budding, yet unaddressed yearning to nurture and contribute in a new way.


I started realizing that I needed a vehicle to pour my innate desire to give in a meaningful way. And that because of the workplace constraints, my long held career wasn’t it.


I started noticing that I was becoming more and more intolerant of the work demands put on me that didn’t align with the core of who I really was.


And so I started to look inside.


I started to hear a call from my inner voice to stretch into something more, open up my vistas, tap into my true gifts in new ways.


I felt pulled between past comfort and perceived security, and listening to the call deep within. I waffled between staying with the status quo and taking a leap into the unknown.


The questions and self doubt came with a vengeance.


What were my real gifts? How on earth would I leverage them in a way that filled my soul and yet still allow me to earn a living?


I had a choice. I could choose to not listen to the call and simply ignore it’s pull, pretending it wasn’t there OR I could choose to listen.


It was scarier NOT to listen.


Life is short, and to not listen felt like I’d be choosing to not make it count.


I chose door number two. I explored, soul searched and un-layered emotional blocks to clear the way. I did the inner work and found my way to a ‘right livelihood’ that enables me to help others do the same.


Who knew that by marrying my two decades of career exploration expertise and equally long emotional healing training and experience, I would come to support hundreds of women professionals to look inside and create a radical, purpose filled shift in their lives.


Who knew that to listen IN would turn up the FULFILLMENT FACTOR to a 10!


Here’s what I know. It’s way scarier NOT to listen.


What ever might be calling YOU, I urge you to listen IN!


Because YOU matter!

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