Masters of INtuitive Business Building – Group Program 

In this 4 week intensive program you will learn the art of FOLLOWING your INtuition and UNFOLLOWING your voices of fear that are programmed in your cellular system!

This program is designed to teach you HOW to turn your fears into your INtuitive power by ALCHEMIZING them. FOR GOOD.


You will learn to:

KNOW how your INtuition shows up, how to listen and ACT on it to create momentum in your business.


Accelerate your business INtuitively rather than running it on external systems.


Turn your FEAR into your INtuitive POWER to attract clients.


Reduce anxiety ON DEMAND.


Counter and collapse the 4 voices of patterned fear within that predominantly influence and run your life.



You will access the powerful Fear Alchemy Tool and discover how to:

  • Transform your whole nervous system from
  • Transform your whole nervous system from the low frequency fear that drives your life and creates resistance in your business, to the high frequency of your INtuitive POWER.

  • Experience an elevated degree of INtuition and energy to give to your work, your relationships, and your vision for your life.

  • Disarm and disempower your fear on demand AS it arises rather than letting it take over.

  • Activate the exact code of your own internal INtuitive power so that it a becomes something that serves you rather than holds you back.

  • Deconstruct each of your fear types by learning their distinct voices, what triggers them, how they speak, what words and phrases they use, how they act within you, how YOU act and don’t act as a result.

  • Create your life vision from a sense of INtuitive power and purpose by achieving a new level of mastery and awakening your core truth once and for all.


If you’re here right now you’ve realized how fear can drive your life and prevent you from accessing your INtuitive intelligence . You want it to STOP.  You are NOT alone.

By joining this program you will  finally be able to stand in your powerful life of truth and your core gifts.



Here’s is what’s included in the 4 week program:

  • 4 weekly intimate group coaching calls on zoom where you will be given opportunity to be coached by me AND receive ‘side coaching’ as you hear others.

  • 4 audios highlighting all 4 Fear and INtuitive Power types.

  • Fear & INtuitive Power chart that depicts the language for all types, helps you understand WHEN each are active in you, and what to quickly do about it.

  • Worksheets for all fear and power types that will foster insights, realizations, inspirations so that you can take your power back.

Your work is to understand the incredible influence that your fear has had on you. You will get clear on how to personally accelerate building your passion business through an exponentially increased sense of Intuitive power and clarity.

Most people don’t take time to do this but if you’re ready to jump in I only have limited spots.

You can go to this link HERE to let me know you want to join this group program and I’ll get you registered.



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost to join? The cost is $397 which is insane value to obtain tools that will change your life!


Will I be able to get a recording of the sessions if I’m unable to attend that day? Yes recordings will be made available for each of the sessions. This is often a good way to refer back to your experience and elevate new layers of learning and mastery.

How will these classes be delivered? You will receive an exclusive zoom link to join.

Will you be doing this again in the future? Yes this will be available in the future however prices WILL increase after this round.


Stop WAITING for your fear to go away on it’s own. DO something to collapse it once and for all so that you can finally build your business without wasting precious time in fear, and live the life and dream you deserve!!


To join go to this link HERE and I will get you registered.

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