6 steps to Redesigning Your Life – and Create What you Want



So many of us in midlife ask what’s missing and what’s next?  What am I meant to be doing? How do I slow down enough to find meaning and contribute in a way that’s fulfilling and makes a difference?


Losing track of a long forgotten part of ourselves is completely normal after a lifetime of caring for others and being everything to everyone.


This season of our lives seems to give rise to a yearning to ‘redesign’ ourselves on our own terms so that we can find true fulfillment.


It starts to shake things up and we begin to hear this quiet voice inside that’s just waiting to be heard – the voice that knows there’s something more but can’t quite grasp what it is, or how to get it?


Our culture has taught us that ‘more is good’, that juggling every ball and ‘doing it all’ means we are worthy and that we matter.  Yet while we spend years making sure we’re pleasing the world, and putting ourselves on the back burner, we’re depleting our own energy and creativity.


In the yogic tradition, Shakti is defined as ‘creative force’ – it’s life energy itself. By disconnecting from this flow of life energy, we disconnect from yourselves, our vision, our hopes, our dreams.


So it’s time to reconnect, redesign, recharge, reinvent!


It all starts with re-evaluating where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to go. It’s time to recapture your vibrancy and vitality, your self confidence, your real value, and reacquaint yourself with what makes your heart and soul sing.


What can you do to begin the process of redesigning your life?


  1. Get really honest and intimate about where you spend your time and energy, and start to make conscious choices about how to better harness that energy in support of creating what you want.


  1. Do the internal work to shift your old patterns and habits of ‘doing’ toward new life giving ones. Remind yourself that each and every tiny shift contributes to the whole.


  1. Learn to say ‘no’ to external demands, and cultivate the internal fortitude to say ‘yes’ to putting yourself first without guilt. When you begin to set aside unwritten time for you, you’ll start to hear your own gut instincts and intuition when they’re talking. Even if you’re feeling like you’re out of practice it’s just a muscle that needs exercise.


  1. Be willing to be uncomfortable enough to give up the status quo even if it means treading into unknown territory without knowing what you’re going to find. Getting out of a rut isn’t easy because it’s simple to measure what you think you’ll lose, but you can’t YET measure what you can’t see.


  1. Get some support to work through letting go of the past and turning it into the fuel that will create opportunity and clarity for you. Aka turning your adversity into GOLD.


  1. Re-evaluate your relationship with money. Money is energy and you can use it as a tool to step into your own ‘enoughness’ when you shift from a lack mentality (so many of us have grown up with this) to one of abundance.


Give yourself permission to take it one small step at a time. You don’t have to address it all at once.  Consider each and every step you take a WIN that moves you toward taking charge of feeling More Joy, More Often.

Taking one single action will create clarity for you. And clarity will create the confidence to know and take the next step after that.


If you feel alone or have a desire for guidance or support reach out to a mentor, a coach or others who are like minded or on a similar path.


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