Secrets Only Your Body Knows:


As a culture we tend to under-estimate the body’s intelligence even though it has the capacity to inform our lives in such significant ways. Surprisingly, according to Katie Hendricks, PhD of Transpersonal Psychology and Director of Training at the Hendricks Institute, “our body has untold intelligence to share with us, and holds deep, rich, wisdom in our very cells”.


Tapping into this wisdom isn’t always easy due to our noisy external environment and inner chatter that ensues. However, given that your thoughts and emotions also take up residence in the cellular body, you can utilize it as a door into an often-hidden inner wisdom.


Humans are emotional beings, and emotions are energy in motion. They need to move. When your emotions are stuck, you are stuck. However, your body gives you the first clue as to what’s happening internally by responding immediately to every thought and emotion that arises, whether conscious or unconscious. This precious resource can be especially useful when things are difficult.


By learning to access your body’s intelligence you can learn to more easily move through your emotional blocks and gain increased vitality, a sense of well-being and feeling of personal alignment.  When things are hard, you can leverage your responsive  body wisdom in ways that can help you shift into more positive ways of being in the world.


Here’s how to begin:


  • Notice physical sensations, areas of tension, changes in breathing patterns.


Anxiety producing emotions show up as a physiological reaction – they may present as a tightening in your gut, throat, belly, shallow breathing, pain in your knee, tingling. This is the first piece of information you have about an emotion starting, and usually don’t realize it because it is so automatic.


  • Become present to these physical reactions by breathing in TOWARD them, not unlike certain flowers turn toward the sun as they cross the sky. Give these sensations space to exist rather than trying to tame or push them away.


When you are able to stay with the sensation, something new metabolizes and you can begin to create new ways of coping with stress.  Begin to BRING your attention to your inner state, your mood, your conscious and unconscious fears by noticing the first thing that comes up physically, and allowing that.


By ‘catching’ these things earlier using your body as a gateway, you can use your ‘real time’ physical experience to take yourself out of autopilot, and consciously begin to shift your brain. Studies have shown that the involvement of your body in creating self-awareness has impact on changing the brain’s neuroplasticity.


Learning and working with the language of your body takes time and attention. It brings you out of your head and into your present experience, which begins to rewire your nervous system. This can result in making better decisions, healthier choices and in more effectively dealing with stress.


By becoming fully present to, and working with your body responses you lose the identification with the “story” as it begins to lose its power or ability to re-trigger. Your emotions begin to move and ‘unstick’ themselves, and new space is created for your inner wisdom to arise. You begin to gain greater clarity, set new boundaries, release old fears, and create an inner calm in the way that you live your day to day life.


Guidance is often helpful in going further and learning about your own individual emotional tone and responses, your conscious and unconscious inner dialogue and its impact, the way your body reacts when triggered, and how you can begin to more mindfully navigate challenges and relationships in your life.


Going beyond intellectual understanding to really experiencing it viscerally provides you with a knowing beyond the cognitive. Change begins to occur in your bones.


When we include the body intelligence we begin to go beyond intellectual understanding and tap into our intuitive wisdom. We can use it as a starting point for approaching sticky emotions and create real change in the way that we operate in the world. If we know that we have consciousness in the body, why drive on 2 cylinders when we have 6?


How is your body speaking to you?


If you would like to learn how to utilize your own body intelligence to move toward what you want to create in your life, feel free to contact


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