Have you ever considered that you’ve been sold a bill of goods labelled “This is Success”?
Go to school, get good grades, find the perfect job, make good money, fall in love, get married, buy a house, start a family….and adorn all of it with the ‘things’ that prove you’ve GOT success!
Yet although you ‘call’ it that, it doesn’t FEEL like success. What it really feels like is that there’s something missing, and you can’t grasp what it is.
Deep down you realize that the job is FAR from perfect and drains your energy. The paycheck feels empty because even though you may have access to it, it never provides you with what you really yearn for. The missing pieces of the home and family life aren’t quite clear.
But you’ve been hypnotized with the cultural lure that says “take this pill and you will have everything you need”.
This pill that soothes the discomfort of feeling stuck in the status quo… that lulls you into the blur of a job and life that doesn’t feel whole. Each morning you swallow it hoping that somehow there will be a glimmer of possibility for something more.
But the side effects of this pill are such that you become numb to what success REALLY is, or what it even means.
Your version of this ‘external’ success as something you must GET becomes a paradigm you live within and HOW you look at the world.
It dictates your thoughts, your beliefs, your choices, your behaviours and how you relate to others.
You show up at work, a social / networking gathering putting on your best face and exchanging empty words about your title, where you live, what you do, to ensure that your ‘success’ measures up to the rest of the world.
You put on a smile and reserve your personal discontent for later in the night while tossing and turning.
You do all this because of fear. Fear that there may be nothing else.
But deep down you KNOW that if you stopped taking the ‘pill’ you might discover something more.
You KNOW that you might create space for birthing something new, something more powerful and true to YOU.
You KNOW that it would take courage to stop taking the pill and really honor your own desires and gifts that have been numbed out for a long time. EVEN if it means being uncomfortable.
You ALSO know that you can’t NOT, because you have a larger vision for yourself, and it’s time to think different.
It’s time for a new paradigm where you experience success through a lens of empowerment RATHER than fear.
Rather than collecting proof around you to validate your current version of success, you’re ready to shed all that false evidence, and find success in the Inner Core of your being.
Rather than ‘HAVING’ what you thought was success, you’re ready to plug into your own power source of experiencing it as a ‘FEELING’.
In order to shift into a new more empowering paradigm have to shatter the old ideas that have been fear based and supported your old identity …. and ACTIVATE something new!
Only then will you start to understand your true purpose, your true gifts, your true brilliance AND how you can express those through your work!
It’s time to be bold, be brave, be brilliant!
It’s time to transform what keeps you apart from your brilliance, and start moving about in the world in a new EMPOWERED way!
Because YOUR dream Matters!
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