Success Stories

I wonder sometimes if we hadn’t met that day where I would be now.   Would I have achieved those 2 awards?  Would I be leaving this legacy? Would I have been filmed twice and had my message spread globally?  Would I have been published industry wide and called a local celebrity? Would I have the influence in my work as a respected leader as I do now?  Would top leaders have adopted a language closer to mine when speaking of safety, and to make them more personable to the average staff? All these things were achievable.  I just couldn’t see them.  Julie helped me see.

She is an awesome coach.  Her inner wisdom, serenity and patience are what makes working with her special.   While working with Julie, I realized that I wasn’t fully expressing my gifts. That there were aspects of myself holding my voice and inner leader back. Her guidance helped me move towards being more authentic and present in my life and work.   My mind, body and spirit are more connected now than ever.  I would recommend Julie Veitch to anyone looking for a deeper change in their professional or personal journey.

M-A. Hildebrandt

Geoscientist, Huntsville ON

Before commencing coaching with Julie, I knew conceptually what my gifts were, but didn’t grasp their full breadth of potential. My greatest challenge was identifying, registering and believing in my genius gifts.

I now have crystal clarity in what these are, and able to create business offers and services that I never knew were possible, and that are completely unique to me. My relationship with my dream before was outward and now, my dream is more internally driven. Through working with Julie, I have become the essence and the generator of my dream reality.

Since this coaching experience, I am genuinely happier, more expressive, self-reliable, wise, heart-centred and connected to my purpose. I went from working for someone else and relying on something outside of myself to support me, to working for myself and KNOWING that my inner wisdom is truly reliable and guiding me forward!

Julie is the expression of integrity, heart, expansion, compassion and magic! Her encouragement, generosity, wide vision and sharp intuition has really supported me and steered me in the direction of my own truth. She is able to create safety, trust, clarity, reverence and soul inspiration in her sessions. These are qualities that I have found to be crucial in my growth and progress as a soulful entrepreneur.

Tayler Durie

Health Facilitator , Owner of Soul Herbs, Sydney Australia

Thank you a thousand times for leading me to uncover the branding of my Voice Diva and OWNING my genius and gifts. It feels like spreading my wings towards the morning sun after a long hibernation in a cave.

I’ve experienced such epiphanies about my deepest mission through working with you, and have seen the puzzle pieces fall into place. The AHA moments keep rushing in, and instead of feeling stuck I’m seeing the bigger picture. I am soaring!

Thank you for guiding me to Ignite my Soul Magic! It’s a great feeling to go to sleep and be so excited to start the next day! Such a relief to become clear and confident about expressing my passion, I’m in seventh heaven!

This has been so transformational for me. For the first time I feel I can do all of this!!

Solrun Bragadottir

International Opera Singer, Coach, Monteleone, Italy

The biggest shift in working with Julie has been to uncover my purpose and passion, and ‘allow’ myself to follow it in a way that feels good.  Julie helped me realize that after years of making sure others’ needs were met it was my turn. That not only is it OK (for a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc.) to put my own needs & desires first…but vital.

I was stuck before I started coaching with Julie. I had tried many different things like therapy, self-help books and courses but could not figure out why I have not been able get to where I wanted to be.  In a pretty short time, I’ve exceeded my own expectations. Having struggled with insomnia for many years I now have had some encouraging success with sleep, and as a result I have a much more positive outlook on my life. I feel healthier physically, spiritually and mentally.

I’ve broken free from perpetual negative beliefs and fear and now experiencing peace, balance, gratitude and being more grounded.  I feel I also have a much healthier approach to relationships and do not let others affect me!

Thank you so much Julie!

Tracy C.

Artist, Kelowna, BC

Julie took a needle and thread and stitched my memories and life experiences together to show me how glaring my gifts are. She gave me a new set of eyes to see what has always been right in front of me. She showed me that what I thought was universal and common, is actually uniquely mine and that I can finally fulfill my purpose by being of service with my true gifts. She propelled me to explore more deeply what I actually desire for humanity, discover my ‘why’ and  get to a space of authentic  self belief. Working with Julie has accelerated my growth exponentially!

Joanna Petit

Custom Furniture Designer/builder, Illinois, US

I can honestly say that I’m loving my work now, not just parts of it – the whole enchilada! I encourage anyone that feels stuck to reach out for coaching support to help in considering new ways of using your gifts that match to who you are.  Work is such a big part of us and enjoying work time is such a gift. I always found it helpful to remind myself what my truth was, but it didn’t seem to last. Working with Julie has helped me remember my truth about my gifts, and why and how I’m here to serve. I can’t ignore it.

We received a beautiful thank you basket from a family law client AND a mediation client who said that she believes, despite what people say, that lawyers really must have feelings…as they are human beings!

Carrie Campbell

Family Mediator, Lawyer, Huntsville, ON

My opening line when I first started coaching with Julie was “I need to know what to be when I grow up and I need help!” I can’t believe how much was accomplished in our first meeting! I was just 50, ready to sink my teeth into discovering what I was meant to do in this life, and didn’t know where to focus my energies and talents. I went in feeling overwhelmed, and left filled with the hope of a new beginning and clear direction. We uncovered what gets me excited in a way that I hadn’t been able to do on my own. Julie provided me with tangible next steps and I moved into action to begin leveraging my gifts.

As a result of coaching with Julie I have now started my own business, and she has supported me in getting UN-stuck and moving forward. She helped me bring awareness and freedom to negative things I was holding on to, and guided me to understand how my own body speaks to me. This led me to  awaken to the truth of who I am, and I came to recognize that I DO matter! I am unique and I have lots to offer!

Working with Julie is a complete joy! Her calm demeanor puts me at ease instantly. Her vast experience and insights are delivered with encouragement and enthusiasm, and she has led my personal growth and self-discovery in a safe and nurturing way. I am forever grateful for my time with her!

Kimberley Davies

Business Consultant, Strategol Consulting

Coaching with Julie is nothing short of amazing and it has been instrumental to enhancing my life and defining my career path in the years ahead. She has helped me get very clear about the overall direction and capacity of my gifts, and has empowered me to become much more confident in my next steps. She has quickly helped me discover my vision and deeper purpose, and the legacy I wish to leave. She guided me to access my own body and heart intelligences that have highlighted what important changes I want to make moving forward, and deeply appreciate her being by my side every step of the way.

As a result of coaching with Julie, I’m taking some bold steps in my business, learning to deal with tensions more easily, trusting my inner wisdom, relaxing, and breathing more easily.  Julie’s way of addressing pent up blockages and emotions to re-ignite my creativity is nothing short of miraculous!   I know that I want and need Julie by my side as a coach, guiding me with her wisdom, intuition, experience and kindness, and I love working with her.

Thank you so MUCH, Julie!

Cristina Corban

MD, Geophysicist, Seattle, Washington

I had some profound breakthroughs through working with Julie’s Heart Language mentorship. As a result I was able to write some of my most viral content with ease, and cultivate my own inner guidance that led me to one of my most productive periods with new clients. I now feel more empowered and able to embody the highest version of my inner calling. During our time together I experienced some profound synchronicities that led me to experience my own magic with greater flow. I hadn’t fully understood what it meant to uncover my own heart language and tapped into Julie’s guidance to hear, and fully embody the truth of my genius gifts. 

Janet Brent

Book Doula, Oregon, US

Coaching with Julie was a blessing. She was quick to get a pulse on what I was sharing with her about my vision.  She helped to bring me clarity on an issue I did not even know existed.  As a Coach myself, I understand the value of the process and Julie led me through extraordinary sessions to address emotional and spiritual needs, and learn how to re-centre and focus both personally and professionally during times of stress.

I’ve moved from doing things mechanically to realizing a heart centrered way of living and working. She taught me to take action from the heart level rather than falling back into same old patterns and habits. This rewiring of my system was huge. As result of the internal work, I’ve seen my relationships to my personal life and business change dramatically.

This work is like the difference between a medical doctor and homeopath, where rather than applying a bandaid or prescription, root causes are uncovered and everything transforms.  

Thank you Julie for your love and support!.

Patti Hanrath

Leadership Success Coach, Muskoka, ON, Kinergy Leadership, Huntsville, ON

Through my time with Julie I brought together the elements of my ‘WHY’ and my mission. I came to a place of great clarity about my brand after her Ignite Your Soul Magic program, and feel confidence in moving forward in my business as it aligns with my unique heart medicine gifts. My time with Julie as a coach, guide, and mentor has led me to rest in myself, to believe in myself more than I ever have.  I am filled with awe and wonder about what the future holds.

Margo Lee Burton

Transformational Therapist, Mentor, Pemberton, BC

When I first discovered Julie I had been coming up against blocks trying to figure out my genius gifts and what I am here to do.

I kept coming back to old loops and patterns of “Im not creative, it’s been done before, Im stuck” . My work with Julie guided me through the loops I was in to bring me into a deeper awareness of my desired needs and how I can support myself.  I experienced visceral sparks within my body that showed me just how much magic and potential was available!

I understood that my genius comes through my own experiences and inner knowing. Whatever I create is uniquely mine and lies in my creative genius. Thank you Julie for so gently holding and guiding me back home to my inner magic.

Kat Wheeler

Women's Circle Facilitator, Sydney, Australia

We often need extra direction when it comes to fully seeing ourselves. Someone who can steer for us, help us to uncover our purpose on this planet, and hear our own inner voice which truly knows the way, and forge our own professional path. Julie has been that someone for me, and I am so deeply grateful for her coaching me through my journey of REINVENTION! I watched and admired Julie’s journey and took mental notes. I searched my soul and I found my way to leveraging my own gifts with her guidance and support. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for Julie’s mentoring and incredible example of how possible it is for us all to create a career on our own terms that matches all that we are in our core.  Her dedication and determination is amazing and I will cherish it on my road to success and always!!  Hiring Julie will be one of the best investments you make in yourself!

Yvonne Heath, Author, Speaker, Port Sydney, ON


Coaching with Julie truly made a lasting impact on me.  She worked with me to uncover my deeper purpose, core gifts and values to create a forward vision and momentum for change in both my personal and professional life. The timing for our work was very fortunate and allowed for transformative change and post traumatic growth.

Our work together helped me better prioritize and create balance at work and home, as well as becoming more present in daily circumstances. I learned some practical techniques for altering old patterns, which has translated to providing space for creativity and innovation. As a result of working with Julie I developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with myself and others, and discovered the kind of legacy I want to leave behind. I am staying on course and can now better trust myself to take forward steps. Thank you Julie for your support and wonderful coaching!   

J. Fraske, Senior Banking Executive, TD Bank, ON


Every coach needs a coach, my profound thanks to coach Julie Veitch – over the course of 4 months she’s held space for my  aspirations and my fears and let me get clear on how to reconcile both. I’m heading in a great new direction in a matter of days and having the professional support from Julie to help clear the path has made this a life changing journey.

I came to work with Julie clutching at some fairly limiting beliefs about how my work (and life) had to be.  She helped me loosen my grip to allow for new possibilities.  What occurred for me, during our time together was truly transformative.

During our work together I shifted from my challenging belief that work and finding ‘the next project’ had to be hard, and started to see that living, working, loving, and parenting with a sense of EASE. This translated to profound changes in my relationships. I started to apply the notion of EASE to everything: sourcing work, promoting myself, getting paid. Everything.  Right down to how I looked at doing dishes!

Is my life forever at EASE because of this work?  No. Are my decisions and goals informed by the quest for EASE?  You bet.

I am grateful for Julie’s calming energy and devotion to helping us hear the messages each of us holds in our bodies and hearts.  I know she will help you in your own quest for EASE – however you define it.   

Jackie Riley, Principal, Riley Wellness Consulting, Huntsville, ON

Julie Veitch graciously provided her excellent coaching services for two important projects, “Pathways to Change” – a Lifestyle Transformation project through Halton Health Foundation, and “The Resiliency Project” – A large scale transition project for the Oakville Hospital.

“We received rave reviews from all of the participants that were fortunate enough to receive your coaching.  Staff members commented that it was “life changing”. Staff testimonials were so beautifully written and touched on every positive thing I have heard about you! Thanks again for agreeing to be on the coaching team for these programs. I know your involvement had a valuable impact on all of the lives that you touched. Wish we could use you at the hospital. I will definitely keep you in mind for other programs in the future!

We would highly recommend Julie for any Coaching opportunity and welcome her participation in any future programs that we provide at Halton Healthcare (Oakville, Georgetown & Milton Hospitals).

Louisa Nedkov

Manager, Employee Wellness, Halton Healthcare, Oakville, ON

Before working with Julie I’d done alot to try and address my limiting beliefs that were preventing forward movement in my business and life. I was journaling, meditating and working with different healers and coaches, but this did not really help me get a lasting change. 

With Julie’s help and guidance I was able to access the root cause that was preventing the energy flow of my real gifts. She helped me to replace my old belief with a truth that my system could not deny, and this reconnected me to my MAGIC and inner wisdom.

It was TRULY a magical experience and I am so so grateful that I met her. Since our deep work together, I notice how pieces are falling together and I feel a deep trust in myself that I didn’t feel before.

Anna Gogoman

Intuitive Business Coach, Assen, Netherlands

Julie Veitch is a gifted master coach, who brought forth my authentic heart voice through the expression of my own unique gifts.  As I was building for early retirement from teaching, our work together connected me to my inner “heart frequency” and added the final clarity I needed to understand how to call forth my creative work in service to others.

She awakened my power that had been slumbering, but calling and calling for my attention.

I fine tuned my website with an elevated confidence in my authentic voice, aligned my intuitive words, and got clarity around my offerings for my creative life ahead. Thank you so much Julie.

Dawn Burn

Life Empowerment Coach, Nanaimo, BC

“If you are ready and willing to make a change, if you are ready and willing to communicate with deep and sincere honesty and if you are willing to accept help then I suggest you connect with Julie.

Since working with Julie, after the death of my husband, I have found the courage to go places – physically, emotionally and mentally. I am no longer afraid.

I have learned to work with my whole self, mind and body, to find peace and resolution with the challenges that crop up. I have new tools to work through anxiety and fear of change. I now find myself aware of my thoughts and feelings. This allows me to respond positively to situations rather than react negatively.

Julie is intuitive, gentle, honest, supportive and encouraging. She is the breath of fresh air that you need to revitalize your life.

Janice Hayward

Canadian Photojournalist, Comox, BC, Janice Hayward Photojournalism

I found Julie through a trusted referral. After interviewing a number of coaches, Julie stood out not only for her gentle and non-judgmental way, but also as a person with whom I instantly connected. I was in the midst of making some fundamental life and career changes. I had recently moved to the US, from Switzerland where I’d held corporate positions, to be with my wife and follow one of my dreams of becoming a Certified Professional Career Coach.


I knew in my heart that Julie was exactly what I needed to support my professional aspirations and help me forge my path to becoming a successful Career Coach.


During the time I worked with Julie, I was able to unlock some important questions about my true gifts and what was important to me in terms of the impact I wanted to have on the planet. Through our sessions I found the insight and strength to effectively make the necessary changes, and be more fulfilled than ever before.


Julie is a coach’s coach, and has been, quite simply, transformational for me on a deep level. She has evoked a profound shift in me as I worked through some extremely difficult things, and as I fought hard to honor the values and goals I had set out for myself.


My journey continues and I am now on track with my new career goal and work as a Career Development Coach in Higher Education. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking to make profound changes in their professional and personal life.

Paul Double

Certified Career Development Coach, University of Connecticut, USA, Double Happiness Coaching

I worked with Julie as my Executive Coach for 6 months. As a result of coaching with her I raised my level of ability to confidently demonstrate my strength and resiliency as a true leader. I am more efficient, waste less time, provide clearer direction, have become a more active listener, am much more coachable and receptive to constructive feedback and feel a sense of belonging and ownership again.

All areas of my life, both personally and professionally have improved significantly!

Her holistic approach and focus on my ‘internal state’ supported significant change within all areas of my ‘whole life’. When we started I felt isolated, undervalued, fatigued, with low sense of self worth and believing that I had to prove my value. After working closely with Julie a great deal of my anxiety was relieved and I knew myself much better which translated to improving all my relationships.  Most importantly, I learned to like, accept and believe in myself. 

Through intensive coaching with Julie I learned how to recognize my own internal state and how to reset it. I also learned about my core values and how they fuelled me. We undertook exercises that I applied successfully to daily challenges, which created a physiological shift. I went from tense and strained to relaxed and open, strong, stable, and more receptive and capable of addressing  these challenges.

I am so grateful to TD bank for investing in me and providing this incredible experience.  I hope the testimony above helps illustrate the value of the work and that others at TD can benefit from Julie’s coaching. 

K. Champagne, Banking Executive, TD Bank, ON


I cannot say enough amazing things about the coaching work that this amazing woman does! I met Julie on an airplane coming back from British Columbia, and let me tell you, this woman stood out from the crowd both in the departures lounge and on the airplane because she just beamed light!

Even though, I am a coach/practitioner myself, it’s important for me to clear myself out in the same way that I help my clients do so.  I was so impressed at Julie’s level of skill, professionalism and at how comfortable she made me feel to approach the uncomfortable, difficult feelings that were arising.  Her wonderful guidance enabled me to release what I needed to in order to feel lighter, healthy and wholesome.

She walked me through my feelings of fear of the unknown, doubt, lack of control and made me very aware of the mind-body connection – especially WHERE in my body I was holding onto these blockages. She led me to see how these blockages were potentially manifesting in my life as a result of holding onto them.  She supported me in exploring the possibilities that were at my fingertips, and guided me to let go and let life live through me, rather than keeping up the exhausting pattern of trying to control the outcomes!

Julie emanates approachability, patience, mindfulness, compassion, love for the work she does, and she lives every ounce of these things in her own daily life.

I have had mini follow-up maintenance sessions with her and believe that everyone should have their own personal life coach. I would highly recommend THIS life coach! Working with her will truly transform your life and you will not be disappointed.

Katrina DesRochers, B.A., B.Ed., CLSt. Dipl., CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Reiki Energy Practitioner, Hands On Healing Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Certified, The Root of It - Nurture Halton Integrative Women's Health Centre

Julie’s non-judgmental, supportive and consistently calm demeanour all work together to make her the amazing coach that she is. I’ve been able to move into a more meaningful career as a result of working with her. She has provided me with some excellent tools to use to counter the fear surrounding change as well as when I become anxious or upset. While creating a safe environment she has an ability to ask poignant questions that get a me to open up to things I would never have thought of. Julie has a natural way of keeping each session on track so that you can always walk away with something learned or gained. 

Julie is not only an amazing coach but person as well. I have learned so much from her both in our sessions as well as watching the inspiring way she leads her life. She has such a contagious light in her that glows, one can’t help but walk out of a session feeling enlightened. I have already recommended Julie to many people.

Jennifer Kingshott

Small Business Program Coordinator, Bracebridge, ON

Coaching with Julie has been invaluable on my path toward personal and professional freedom and happiness! It has helped me to land my dream job, become emotionally independent, become more disciplined and care less what people think. Through coaching I’ve learned to strengthen my relationship with myself and find my own way to becoming self-reliant by looking  inside myself, rather than looking toward others. I’ve come to trust my gut instincts and rely on myself to make sound decisions as well as handle and manage my own anxiety and emotions. I still use the body centering practice that she made for me every day to stay grounded.  It’s been a great investment to help push me back onto my own two feet. Thank you Julie!

Taryn Campbell

Medicinal Chemistry Research Associate, Seattle, Washington

It’s amazing how much Julie can help someone get in touch with their feelings and responses through their body. Julie is extremely non-judgmental and is excellent at finding the root cause and bringing it to my attention. I have worked with psychiatrists for my whole life and 3 months with her has given me more self awareness than any other session I have had. She has a very reassuring and calming voice along with an empathetic nature.

Through my coaching with Julie I have increased self-confidence, I AM WORTH IT! I have learned to include mindfulness and wellness into my daily schedule. I was able to stand up for myself and end a toxic relationship and feel the strength to take care of myself. I was skeptical at first but this has been an eye opening and worthwhile experience. I wish insurance plans would see the benefit of life coaching to our health system.

S. Richardson

OPP, Southern Ontario Region

Working with Julie is something I will never forget. When I contacted her I had been struggling with feelings of disconnection, self-criticism, and a lack of joy. I knew something was wrong about the way I was showing up in the world, but I couldn’t quite express it with words. Julie understood. For the first time in a coaching context, I had guidance to go beyond just having to explain how I was feeling and move towards wholeness. A visualization journey unearthed a deep-seeded belief that I was powerless. Turning towards these emotions rather than away from them was what opened the doors to self-compassion. I could see myself differently, discerning truth from the voice of my inner critic. With Julie’s gentle but assertive leadership, I was able to connect with my body’s messages and move energy and emotions that had felt stuck inside. I know this is only the beginning. Julie’s coaching technique was profound, and I loved working with her!

Robin Connolly

Yoga Teacher- Sidekick Yoga, Facilitator, Non Profit Manager, Toronto, ON

Let me introduce myself as a ‘human doing’. All the coaches that I have worked with before were about having me achieve more and produce more. Working with Julie has brought a new perspective into my life. Her energy is calm and reassuring; her voice and peaceful presence during sessions is amazing. Julie’s wisdom and the ability to connect me to my body and heart, and slow down and listen has been transformational. I always look forward to our sessions and the peace of mind that I gain that lasts for days. She brings peace and calmness in my life as well as balance to help me feel grounded and true to myself. We are in the process of accessing more presence in my body and the wisdom that I have within and it is invaluable. If you are at a time of your life when you are ready to go within and start living life on your terms vs all the obligations – she is an amazing coach for you. Go for it!

Anya Romanova

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Toronto, ON, Anya Romanova Coaching

You’ve taught me/given me so many tools to manage, cope and grow, such as daily presencing practices, personalized meditation (huge!!), relevant resources and relevant next steps after each session. Learning the skill of tuning into my physical body and listening to it has been invaluable.

After working with you for 6 months I have weathered some bad storms and have achieved greater peace and calm.  It’s been a roller coaster but the end results are certainly worth it.  It has required time and dedication – which you always have for me and I’ve learned to make for myself.  You’re a skilled coach that has helped me with significant self change and personal growth. Thank you!

Sandra Withers

Business Owner - Advertising, Price Advertising

I chose to work with Julie because I was having an internal unsettling – my mind was busy and unclear and my internal messages to self were less than gentle. I was looking for clarity, joy and peace.

Throughout my sessions I was able to get clear about some of my patterns which were no longer serving me and find a settling within. From this came some clearer boundaries, mental clarity, awareness, decisions, inner confidence, and more life energy.

Julie listens deeply, she guides wisely, she expects you to be accountable to the work and she remains present throughout the process.

Barb Jorgensen

Yoga Teacher, Studio Coordinator, Ahimsa Yoga Studio, Huntsville, ON

Julie has the intuitive, inner wisdom and skill set to guide her client to find and be in touch with their inner voice. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and in a profound way. With her guidance I tapped into my own body and heart intelligence and reached a true, deeper insight and knowing. With this new understanding, change happened. With her guided sessions Julie includes exercises and homework to be done in between sessions, which is crucial to ensure that progress and lasting change is made.

Jane Hunt

Retired College Professor/Counselor, Huntsville, ON

“I cannot say enough about Julie Veitch and her coaching style and methods. From our very first session to our last, Julie treated me with endless compassion, empathy and respect. She has a natural way of creating a sense of calm even through the toughest or most stressful of discussions. As a result of working with Julie, I was able to connect with my inner self, identify my strengths and make significant improvements in my ability to stay motivated and focused in my business and personal life. Julie has a way of bringing out the best in people and for this reason and many more, I will never hesitate to recommend her and her services. Working with Julie was one of the best investments I could have made for myself.”

Katrina Scarlett

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner of 2 businesses, Port Carling, ON, Subtle Details

I have worked with Julie over the past  24 months since my brother was first diagnosed with terminal cancer. I knew Julie was the “go to” person who would aid me through this rich, emotional journey, given her personal experience with loss of a sibling through a long drawn out dying process.  In her soft, gentle and objective way Julie she has guided me to connect with my body as a way in to my own new perspectives around handling the emotions associated with death and the role I have opportunity to play. As a result of coaching with her I have discovered the privilege that a terminal illness can bring to families to connect them into a much deeper place.  My most signicant shift since I started working with her has been LETTING GO.

Julie is so good at what she does, that I now know I can handle  any situation. I have built inner confidence, self reliance and an unwavering resilience to embrace all that life brings – good and bad.

Carla J.

Pharmacist, Toronto, ON

The saying goes, when one is ready, the right teacher comes along.  Or something like that!  At any rate, the right teacher did indeed turn up in my life in the form of Julie Veitch.  Along with a handful of other wise women entrepreneurs and professionals who participated in Julie’s group program Redefining Success from the Inside Out, we began to find new ways to see ourselves as successful women.

Through her remarkable Inner Core approach, Julie was able to quickly level our playing field with her natural gift of making us all feel included in the process and developed new tools and practices to support seeing ourselves through new eyes.  I believe each of us benefited from her gentle leadership, and the connections through our private social media group provided us with additional resources, meditations and relevant coaching. I intend to continue working with Julie Veitch and continue to further redefine success for myself.

Darla Stipanovich

Retired Business Owner, Muskoka, ON

The greatest value for me through having Julie as my coach was that I now have the life I have been searching for and thought I could never have. All aspects of my life have changed – relationships (partner, kids, friends), finances, travel. One might think that a coach sees what is wrong and tells you how to fix it but Julie has a unique way of having me ask the tough questions and rediscover myself through finding my own answers along the journey.

I have spent a great deal of time trying to rebuild my life after my divorce and have now rebuilt my relationship with my daughters. Everything in coaching is subtle, but the results are huge. I thank you Julie for all you have done in the rebuilding of my life. I look forward to continuing the journey you help to create.

Reggie Quesnel

Health Care Professional, Innisfil, ON

Julie has the keenly developed sense of subaudition – the ability of understanding or mentally supplying something that hasn’t been expressed. This skill is stunning in its serviceability, and as a client I have an appreciation for the forward movement I have experienced as a result of Julie using these skills. Once Julie is onto something, and speaks it into the safe environment of a coaching session, there are fireworks of knowing and understanding and ultimately, a freeing that happens for the client. My coaching experiences with Julie have resulted in personal break-throughs and I thoroughly trust her to hold the focus on my agenda as client so that I can be the best me possible!

On a personal note, Julie loves people, she is a pure-hearted humanitarian, and being in her presence is a blessing, having her as a coach a gift. It is my delight and honour to testify and speak this truth.

Linda Byers, CPCC

Lifestyle Wellness Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, London, Ontario, Soul Playground

After so many years in therapy I never achieved this kind of progress. In many ways you have offered to me, my whole self – strong and brave and powerful!

I consider myself to be blessed to have had the opportunity to have you as a coach in my life. You have helped me to define some of the personal barricades that I continued to put in my own way of achieving my goals. I was struggling to get out of a cycle that I wasn’t even aware I was keeping myself in. You have helped me to recognize and use the power I have within myself and taught me to focus on the forward movement and accept the past without continuing to be absorbed by it. You have created in me a stronger sense of myself and through continued practice have supported me to define the inner strength that I have always had, but didn’t know how to tap into, until now.

Tara Alexander

Employment Specialist, Huntsville, Ontario

As a very active, go-go-go type of person, I have been able to develop my ability to “just be” and be fully present through having Julie as my coach.  I am so grateful for this.  As a result, I am more resilient, less anxious, and more focused in my day-to-day life.  These are also skills that I will use for the rest of my life!

I also know that our coaching relationship has helped me in developing my “presence” and made me a much stronger leader, both in my coaching, and in my work as a Nurse.  In my profession I see too many people everyday who have learned to not listen to, and even worse, not trust, what their body is saying.  Julie has a gift of gently bringing one back to the wholeness of ‘being’ and tapping into the brilliance that was always there.  I want this for everyone!

Julie has an exquisite way of getting you in touch with the wisdom of the body, becoming fully present, and connecting you with the deep peace and wisdom within (that I now believe lives within everyone!).  She helped me embrace who I am at my core, and then guided me in growing and tuning into that part of myself more and more.

I know now, through working with Julie, that I can always trust my body’s intelligence to guide me.  Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or without direction, I know that I just need to take a minute and connect with my body, and a sense of calm and intuitive knowing inevitable comes.  I would recommend Coaching with Julie to anyone!

Liz Mason

Professional Coach, Registered Nurse, Toronto, ON

Coach Julie Veitch is the real deal!

Julie is extremely likeable, authentic and forthright. She has guided me to help discover my life purpose and how it aligns with my beliefs. A life, where I am able to honour my true values and beliefs, really works. I’m at the beginning of my refined journey and I already feel more fulfilled and a sense of self confidence.

Jacqui Morrison

Author, Wedding Officiate, Parry Sound, Ontario

I consider myself lucky to call Julie Veitch my life coach.  Every interaction with her is enriching and energizing and at the same time instills a sense of calm and re-balance – like a deep breath of fresh air.  Julie ‘walks the talk’ and has a contagious positive attitude and a caring and nurturing way about her.  With Julie, the opportunity for growth and self-discovery is opened up through her guidance and encouragement.  She provides a safe environment and the tools to really dive deep and take a good look at obstacles getting between you and an even better version of you.  Working with Julie has been such a worthwhile investment.

Jennifer Brockett

Marriott Hotels, Sales Manager / Social Marketing, Rosseau, ON

Julie Veitch’s coaching was life changing for me.. it inspired me to  make myself accountable to me and my happiness, which translated to being capable of being there for others more fully. Julie is very gifted in what she does and I have often thought that an angel was sent when I needed the support.

When I had a set back, it was quite short lived because I had the tools to make changes and get back on track.  I quickly realized that I had the answers and just had to dig deep, breathe and listen to myself. Thank you for showing me how Julie!

Jennifer Blue

Manager, Infection Prevention & Control, Halton Healthcare, Oakville, ON

Julie has a crystal intelligent force filled with certitude and infused commitment that comes through in her compassion for both herself and others. This compassion is felt to the bone when I am with her. Her breath is a mighty power and when it is directed toward one in need, it grounds and stabilizes. Julie has rather defined a richer understanding of just what Grace in a woman is and anyone who is coached by her can only benefit from it.

Manya Fabiniak

Writer, Artist, Therapist, Healer, Buffalo, NY, Visions of Prismatic Light

Julie is a brilliant coach and beautiful role model of staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Her soft, guidance and positive words offer much love and support and she exudes an extremely powerful energy that I could feed off of every second of every day!

Quinn Cashion

Educator, Consultant, Mentor, Vancouver, BC,

My experience of coaching with Julie over the past year has been multifaceted as we have explored together many aspects of my life both personal and professional.

Julie has a gift with coaching that allows you exploration into your own body wisdom and how it can speak and guide you through decision making in your life.  She expertly guides you along a path of self-exploration and discovery. She really challenges you but always with a loving, open hearted approach.  Through it all Julie has been like a soft warm pool of water… reflecting back to me the internal workings of my head and my heart, and bringing them into much clearer focus in the process.

Christine Grant

Physiotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Oakville, ON

Julie, just when I was melting down, feeling defeated and demotivated, you were there for me with an open heart and lots of acceptance, not trying to fix me or cheer me up. I appreciate your guidance and support as a coach, especially when those low moments creep into my life.  It’s nice to know that you can be with me during them, as a genuinely caring soul. Thank you for accepting and supporting me just as I am.

Leslie Zucker

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach, Washington, DC, Life Coach for Life's Dancers

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