I’ve come to actually appreciate the not-knowingness of things! The place that invites curiosity for what might be around the next corner, and the receptivity to its surprises.

For instance I didn’t know how my kids would turn out and one day I just said, I have to just trust them, I have to find the courage to let them travel their own path without my interference, I have to just NOT KNOW.

In times when I didn’t know what was coming next, didn’t know what to say or do, I began to make it a practice to just breathe and allow. Pause in the neutral zone of not knowing. It took courage to be quiet and sit in the not-knowing, to not orchestrate or manipulate. And it still does.

There’s always a choice to either stand in question or in judgment of what shows up and try to hold onto it, OR to stand in trust of it’s relevancy to the bigger purpose of it all, and let it go. The latter feels a lot lighter in my body, where the former is heavy and tight.

I love that inside the space of not-knowingness there is all ways CHOICE.

When we’re at a choice point, what can we do about it?

We can get quiet and check in with our bodies, where our greatest wisdom is stored. It will never lie. Then we can sit with what we find there. Let it just settle without having the goal be for anything to change. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Something happens in this space of just letting it BE. Not-knowing becomes effortless. The energy just begins to move on its own. It finds its flow and things line up to meet our intention, in answer to the body and core’s sweet invitation.

There’s a kind of gradual ‘falling in love’ with the richness of not knowing.

I am so curious to hear your comments below about what might open up for you by having the courage to be still and not know.



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