HOW do I let GO… a question I’m asked often.

HOW do I actually DO it?

When I realized I’d outgrown my career and that I needed to let it go because it was no longer aligned with my own core values and innate gifts, I tested this letting go muscle in a big way.

I asked “what will my life be like a year, two years, five years down the road if I stay? What will my life be like if I don’t?

In answer to either question I observed whether it felt expansive or contractive in my body.

What’s interesting and tricky about letting go is that we can measure what we’ve lost but we can’t measure what we stand to gain. And that’s scary, so it’s often easier to stay with all the ‘doing’ that supports our feeling comfortable, and in the nest of familiararity.

Ironically it’s in the dropping of the ‘DOing’ or ‘trying’ that the things we’ve been ‘holding’ start to fall away.

Things like ideas, concepts, beliefs, self judgements, expectations, attachments…. who all decide to form a committee inside our head in order to feel ‘in control’ and keep the familiarity of’ ‘worry’ alive.

When we worry, our mind has something to do….and our mind thrives on that.

We often fear letting go because we worry about what will be LEFT and how we will handle this unfamiliar territory inside ourselves.

In this unfamiliar place where we’re not ‘holding’ onto the past or the future, but just present HERE and NOW, we’re not sure who we are, or what we’re supposed to do. For so long we’ve been conditioned that the more we DO and ACHIEVE the more we matter.

What if YOU are enough withOUT any of that?

What if you simply just DECIDED to LET GO……like REALLY just decided that you were ready to just let go? In a quiet flicker of an instant, JUST let go and see what kind of space opens up for possibility that you’d never before considered?

What if you let the leaf simply drop from the branch of your “holding”?

What if it were EASY?

Would your tree still be alive?


In fact there’d be room for new life buds to show up AND energy freed up for you to create MORE in your life!

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