I’ve GOT to live from my CORE truth. There’s no other way.
Well actually there IS …..
I can live from something other than my core, and find myself off track and off purpose. And find myself saying “I feel off” or something’s not right in my gut” without knowing why.
How do I know it’s off?
My body tells me through its fine tuned, subtle communication. It might feel like a lump in my throat, or tension in my chest, constricted breathing, hunched shoulders, nausea, a headache, or neck pain …. usually on the left.
There are a thousand ways my body’s intelligence speaks the truth, and I can choose to listen.
Or not.
Either way, it speaks directly in answer to what I’m telling myself.  
Like when I used to tell myself that every aspect of my job was completely congruent with who I truly was. That after all, THIS was all there was in the labour market I lived in, which was a lie.
I’d tell myself “WHEN it’s the right time I’ll make a change”.
Well I waited a LONG time for that while in a state of chronic tension. Meanwhile every day I’d wake up with low grade headaches but convince myself that the “good” parts of my job were enough. I’d go to work KNOWING something wasn’t right in my gut.  I’d say “WHEN things are perfect I’ll act on my instinct, WHEN this project contract is finished THEN I’ll take action, WHEN my kids are grown then I’ll answer to my calling and make a change.
The problem was………the right time took forever to come because it was always overshadowed by another WHEN.
Deep down I knew the truth about the never ending ‘WHENS’, yet I held myself apart from my own truth telling. Until it didn’t.
Because of fear.
What if they don’t approve? What if this doesn’t fit in with what society tells me I should do? What if this isn’t the right time, what if I don’t have what it takes, what if I make the wrong decision, what if it’s irresponsible to listen to my gut, what if I fail?
And when fear runs me here’s what happens…..
It KEEPS the truth from being my guidepost
It keeps my intuition from having a say
It keeps my body contracted
It keeps my dreams from becoming a reality
It keeps me from sleeping at night
It’s like a blown fuse. Suddenly it’s dark. You go to the fuse box only to find that you haven’t labelled the fuses and you don’t know which is which. You spend all kinds of time running from the fuse box to the rooms in your house trying to figure out which light connects to which fuse.
You’re fumbling around in the dark wondering which is the truth and which is the lie, and feel the powerlessness of not being able to tell the difference. It comes in the form of tension in your jaw and a swirling in the pit of your stomach.
You get farther and farther away from the connectivity of your true power source, and your energy gets depleted.
Then in a flash of an instant your your intuition flips the switch and reveals a single light of truth.  
You hear a voice say from a powerful place inside you “It’s time. Time to make a change. Time to have that hard conversation. Time to say what I think. Time to say yes to me and drop the need for approval. Time to look outside this self limiting box”.
And as you hear the truth come through, it gives you the fuel you need to take some step forward into the arena of brilliant new insights and opportunities.
You start to feel the potency of your own true power source at your CORE. It was there all along, you just lost touch with it.
And so there you are, your heart pulsing with the heat of new and generative ideas and possibility.
Smack dab in the middle of what you KNOW you want ….. with a palpable path to getting it.  


That’s because NOW you’re being powered PAST every challenge, straight into the lap of your dream career.
It’s your heart’s greatest pleasure to guide you every step of the way, and make the seemingly impossible and unimaginable come true.


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