Remember when you were a kid playing without a care in the world, free as a bird to just fly through your day in a magical way, where you got to decide EXACTLY who and how you wanted everything to be? 


Remember when you imagined yourself into superman or wonder woman and you knew that nothing could touch you?


You let your imagination take you there and had no notion that it couldn’t or wouldn’t. You KNEW you could rely on it 1000% without question!


You got to be a GENIUS in your own mind and act it out, tune out the world and make it all up the way you wanted to.


NO filters, no conditioning, no censorship.


You felt warm and SURE and invincible wearing this limitless cape of your OWN creation!


Where did that go?



Where did the sureness, the playfulness, the creativity, that GENIUS go?


Into hiding, that’s where. The more you were told to conform, the deeper into hiding it went. 


Until it became a mere glimpse, a fleeting twinge of something you couldn’t even touch anymore. 


Off you went on the path of moulding yourself according to the family, the school, the social circles, the workplace, the entrepreneurial space…where “they” had all the answers.


You convinced yourself that if you trusted enough and professed to lead from your deep down GENIUS ‘play place’, you’d lose face, and you’d crash and burn. And so you hid it away.




You KNOW it’s precious, and WANT to let your GENIUS out of the bottle to play again! 


But it’s scary…..because you’ve spent a lifetime reserving it for the privacy of your own safe and secret sanctuary where no one could reject it, or attempt to sway it out of you.


You’ve been motoring along in your life and business doing all the things you think you’re supposed to be doing to make it successful.


Saying “if I do this, or follow that system, or strategy or replicate that method I’ll get there and feel the fulfillment I’ve always looked for”.


The problem is that no matter how MUCH you replicate anything “out there” ….










No wonder you’re creatively blocked. 

No wonder you’re still asking yourself what’s missing.

No wonder you’re exhausted.


Disconnection with your SOUL MAGIC creates disconnection with your life, your business AND translates to having a business that’s JUST a business.


NOT a true expression of YOU.

NOT an inspiring, fun, creative expression of your TRUE nature.


It’s JUST a business.


What do you think would happen if you let your GENIUS out to PLAY again? I mean full out! In its evolved adult form, LADEN with the collected RICH wisdom of your lifetime!


Can you imagine what waking UP this latent part of you would reveal now? 


Can you imagine how much FUN  it would be for you to truly IGNITE the ‘work’ of building your business by virtue of opening UP the INNATE, INtuitive MAGIC of your SOUL?


Can you imagine how much high octane MAGNETISM it would add to your presence in the on or offline space? 


It’s YOUR GENIUS. IT can’t help but NOT. 


JUST like when you were little and you were living INSIDE that energy of PURE MAGIC….you could NOT help but flow the freedom, creativity and genius that was YOURS (and still is)!


I’m here to FIRE that UP in others…in YOU

….to create the blaze that gets you once and for all SERVING UP your genius, so that the clients who’ve been waiting in the wings are once and for all called IN to work with you!



It’s time to let your GENIUS OUT to PLAY my friend!

Doors are open UNTIL Feb. 3rd for IGNITE Your SOUL MAGIC 6 week intensive!

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