Have you ever noticed that when you have too much on the go, you start forgetting things, losing things, feeling agitated, unorganized or confused?  

What your life looks like on the outside is a direct reflection of your inner life.  All the inner chatter that clutters up your mental space starts to show up in all kinds of ways ‘out there’.

In fact it gets so cluttered up that there’s no room left for ideas, insights, opportunities or inspirations to actually FLOW through.

Daniel Pink  says “Flow isn’t a nicety.  It’s a necessity. We need it to survive.  It is the oxygen of the soul.”

What if you could create the white space to restore the flow and start oxygenating your life?

Did you you know that 75% of your thoughts are repeats from yesterday?  

Can you imagine what kind of clutter they produce by cycling through over and over again? ESPECIALLY if they aren’t productive thoughts? You know the ones that say things like “I can’t because, it’ll never work because, how could I ever, what if, I’m just not good enough to do that, I’m too tired to….” on and on they go.


These FLOW blocking thoughts aren’t even conscious most of the time. But because your mind believes 100% that its job is to constantly be on alert to think, plan, protect, worry, control, explain, it clutters up the flow.

It likes to take little things and turn them into big things.

And feed those big things until they turn into bigger things.

Next thing you know they’re so big that you think they matter more than they do.


What if you let the little things stay little and leave room for something else to show up? Something that brings you more passion, clarity, energy and inspiration?


Just think, what it would be like to give yourself room to breathe and oxygenate your long forgotten ideas or passions?


What it would be like to feel the FLOW of inspiration run through and have the mental and emotional space to turn your life and work circumstances into something that completely fulfills you?


Now that would be worthwhile creating space for, don’t you think?

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