We all have a story to tell. Each of us lives it out in varying degrees of comfort around our personal expressions of it.   The preciousness in ALL of it is the common thread, as is the divine masterpiece that we make it!

So the question is……..

how much of that are we really allowing ourselves to honor and to fully show to the world? If the answer is uncertain then maybe there’s a way to begin gently exploring what it would be like to really show up in the world as true and proud, in the full range of all our colors. All our humanity. Unapologetically.

We could start asking questions like, where do we let our colors out to play and really say and do what feels right and true? And what’s that like? Where do we hold back, and when we hold back, what happens to that part of us that wants to shine? What if we have the courage to try our colors on for size, let them flow, let them be free? What if we feel our own texture, hold it up against the light, revel in all our multiple shades?

What if we dig deep into the colors we have become, the words we have spoken, the stories we have written and lived, and share them with the world? What if we blend the colors of our stories and create new versions never expressed before? What if our inspired creations bring something to someone else’s life that matters?

This matters to me because I believe that every single one of us has something unique to offer to someone else. When we are vulnerable enough to open up to the unknown and say “here I am, paint with me” we’re inviting someone in to our personal space to connect with us, and that takes courage.

Imagine our stories of love, loss and grace, being told through words on our tongue, ink on paper, music, movements or musings!

Stories open hearts, and by showing our true colors that’s what we do. Open hearts and ignite imagination and connection.

So next time inspiration calls, answer it. Then go one step further. Share it and know that your beautiful colors will find their way into that perfect landing place, and someone will be touched by your gift.

I would love to hear your comments below about your favorite way to express your own true colors!

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