Can you imagine bringing all parts of yourself together to create a bridge between your inner dreams and desires and your outer reality. AND then to to create an income expressing YOUR special sauce?

Can you imagine blending your own unique to YOU genius gifts with your ‘livelihood’ and creating, a soul rich future?

So often we forget that our unique story is the fabric of what makes up our lives. AND we forget that we have the capacity to translate THAT into our dream business!


What’s your story?


What are the pieces of your life that exist independently of one another, that if you brought together could help you make sense of it all, discover your genius and CREATE something amazing from it?

It’s a big question.

How would you begin to put all the pieces together and start to tell your story?

One way to dip your toe into this is to think about themes in your professional AND personal life that have held importance, and start writing them down.

Here are just a few questions to get you started.


– What kinds of work have you done in the past, and what were some elements of that work you loved?

– What have you always found yourself doing to serve or help or lead people – so naturally that you did it without even realizing it?

– What have you done with your hands, your mind, our heart to CREATE?

Remember CREATION is the eLIFE FORCE energy of the Universe and when you’re in creation mode you’re flowing from your soul’s calling…time passes and you don’t even know it.


– What’s happened to you in your personal life that’s been life altering?

– How has it changed you and what have you learned?

– What people, experiences or memories do you hold closest to your heart and why?

– When you face a challenge what’s your ‘come from’ place or philosophy around meeting the challenge?

– What drives your family crazy about you (hint, your genius can be hidden here)?


When you start dissecting the answers to these questions you’ll start to see your LIFE MAP unfold before you (something I help my clients do). You’ll start to see what you’re really made of, who you are, what you care about, what’s truly important to you and what makes your heart sing.

And THAT is worth GOLD!



For me I came to realize that a soul satisfying livelihood was essential to living a good life because it bled into all other areas of my life. If I was in a soul crushing job, my relationships, my health, my sense of self suffered. I grew up with a parent who despised his work and brought his anger and frustrations home every single day. I vowed to NEVER work in something I didn’t love, and spent 20 plus years as a career and business development practitioner.



In concert with this, during an agonizing ten year illness that led to the eventual death of my only sister, I embarked on a spiritual journey that often took my breath away. The ‘take me to my knees’ moments were my greatest teachers and I learned to become emotionally resilient and able to better handle change, transition and the inevitable curveballs of life with a sense of more ease and trust in the wisdom that lives inside.

By marrying my 20-years in my profession with my 2 decade long spiritual and personal development journey, I found my true career calling and became an entrepreneur in 2012. I have created a way to provide INTUITIVE BUSINESS MENTORSHIP in a way supports clients to CREATE and GROW their DREAM BUSINESS.


By turning my story into my Dream Business I’ve been able to bring the collection of my life’s experiences together in service of those with a creative entrepreneurial spirit who want to launch and accelerate their business. So many sit on the fence before either building or sharing their genius in a visible way.


Hey this was me! And I turned my story into my Dream Business!

You can too!

Soul crushing or soul filling? Which do you want? 


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