I believe that home is the only permanent thing there is. This non-physical place in ourselves that we know as our Inner Being, Source, God, Inner Core, Wise Self. No matter what we call it, we know it’s there because it reminds us of who we are. It’s where ease lives, where love lives, where our true connection with Life Force resides. It doesn’t ever leave or vacate, we are the ones that temporarily relocate somewhere else. But it’s always waiting for us when we’ve wandered away, and it welcomes us home no matter what.

All it takes is a remembrance that we can always count on it, always return to it.

I think of my life as a river that flows, and I get to choose whether I flow effortlessly downstream or try to swim upstream.   Sometimes it’s hard to tell when I’m swimming against the current, and the funny thing is, the harder I swim the stronger the current.

Then I remember. What has me remember is my tuning in to the way I FEEL.

Noticing how I feel is the key to choosing to turn downstream again. Simply noticing starts to turn me toward home again, toward ease and flow.

My body’s intelligence can always inform me no matter what! Noticing the tension or tightness in my chest, or kink in my neck, or headache brewing, or tingling fingers.

Noticing the thought or emotion that has me forcing my way upstream.

Noticing then choosing.

Noticing then choosing a better thought, and checking in with it to see how it FEELS. Then choosing a better one, then a slightly better one, then another slightly better one.

What starts to happen when I turn downstream in the direction of home this way is that my whole physiology shifts, and I begin to hear the call of my Inner Being, that inner authority that knows who I truly am. My body begins to relax, let go and create space for that which is much bigger than me, that which is free of conditioned fear or doubt.

It’s one of many very simple practices. Over the years I’ve been building this muscle of intentionally turning downstream toward Home, and feeling the ease and inner calm that bring the clarity and confidence to stand true to who I came here to be. It matters to me because when I stand in this place, I am able to be of service to those yearning to be connected to themselves in a way that frees them from resistance, and has them step into ease in their day to day experience. There is nothing more rewarding for me than to witness this transformation in someone else.

I would love to hear your comments. And am curious about how you find your way home? About your desire to find ease or intentionality toward it?


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