… and do it on purpose.

From that centre sweet spot stems everything.

Have you ever wondered how it is that the inner core in a web like this has enough strength to hold all that extends from it? And what would happen to the rest of the web were it to lose its connection to its core? It might look elsewhere for another anchoring point, or it might weaken until it disintegrates altogether.

When I lose my connection to my own inner core, I am lost, and the lack of alignment and clarity has me feeling weakened, unravelled. It’s easy to fall into looking to external sources for a re-anchoring point, but what I’ve discovered is that those have only ever provided temporary relief. That the only sustainability lives in returning to my core. This place called home.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The feelings of being lost and unclear, or the responses to them? I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter. Either way, whether it’s the ‘offness’ of being lost, or the ‘offness’ of looking outside myself for relief, it’s still ‘off’.

THAT’s my cue. Who knew that simply noticing a feeling of ‘offness’ could be such an amazing gift! Who knew that by paying attention to how we actually feel, we could change it in a split second, by remembering that all we have to do is weave our way back to our inner core. Just like that!

Who knew that the simple act of noticing and remembering could be more powerful on its own than the action or decision that follows it. Or that WITHOUT noticing the “offness” or remembering that there is choice to return to our core, everything else is irrelevant!

Noticing and remembering. Then what?

There are so many ways to bring ourselves back into alignment with our core, whether it be through breath, a powerful visualization, embodiment, light invocation, a new thought that holds a higher vibrational frequency, a body centering. Resonance is the key. As long as we personalize it in a way that really resonates, and do it consciously, we can shift out of disconnection into connection.

Like building any new skill, it’s a practice.

We may need guidance to find those personalized practices that resonate, but just think of what would be possible by activating them with deliberate intention and consistency!

Like the web, our inner core has enough strength to hold our LIFE that extends from it!

I would love to hear your comments and ideas about how you find your way back to your inner core! What you have tried! Why it matters!

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