Have you ever considered that you have your own signature style for showing up in the world?
Your own way of working, parenting, loving, speaking, dreaming, digesting, interpreting, moving, thinking?
It’s a really specific DNA imprint that you’ve been given that’s uniquely yours and nobody else’s.
It’s your own personal GENIUS that’s meant to lead you through your life with ease. And when you DO, you get into ALIGNMENT.
Your job is to become intimate with it.
  • Do you know or even acknowledge what it IS?
  • Do you truly understand it’s power?
Most people don’t.
It’s no wonder, because society doesn’t condition humans to tap into it, let alone fully understand and activate it.
And that’s where the disconnect happens.
When your lifetime is spent moulding yourself to societal standards of living, working, consuming, choosing, you get farther and farther away from your genius.
And the farther away you get from your genius, the more disconnected and misaligned you become.
You wake up one day and realize that your life isn’t what you thought it would be. You can’t even remember the last time you felt really alive and aligned for any length of time. Those moments have become more and more sporadic and you wonder what’s wrong with you.
It’s like a falling star that you see for a brief moment, then it disappears. You can’t ever put your finger on it because it’s so fleeting. There’s a notion that “there it is” and poof, it’s gone.
That star…….that’s your genius making an appearance once in a while. And when it does, THAT’S when you feel in total alignment! That’s when you feel expansive inside your body, not contractive. That’s when you have your BEST ideas and insights. That’s when you feel the internal clarity and confidence to take steps forward!
Here’s the thing. If you are feeling connected with your own unique way of BEING aka your own brand of genius, you ARE in alignment, and everything you do, say and be from THAT place becomes live giving rather than life draining.


The object of the exercise is to experience that EVERY DAY!
True Alignment is like that.
Your day starts with a feeling of enthusiasm, clarity and excitement about it. You move through it with a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment as you make decisions, contribute, communicate, create.  
You feel this way BECAUSE you are doing it from YOUR genius stance!
So you ask…..
Where on earth do I start?  How do I get clear on that stance? How do I get my blood and energy flowing in a way that’s aligned with who I uniquely am rather than what the external structures want me to be?
  • Start noticing what you are doing when you DO feel fuelled and sustained.
  • Start noticing what comes so naturally to you that you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Start noticing what drives others crazy about you (yes there’s a clue here about your unique genius. It drives my family crazy when I ask provocative questions, and yet it’s part of my genius as a coach).
AND give yourself 90 minutes with me where you’ll be blown away at how much GOLD you uncover to get you moving forward toward the work you LOVE.
Consider it a gift to yourself and click on the link HERE to book your 90 minute session OR have an obligation free 30 minute Intuitive Business Activation call with me.
Take time to excavate your sweet genius and learn HOW to leverage it to deliberately move toward a new more meaningful, satisfying career!  
You deserve to find ALIGNMENT with your dream business that will make your true genius sing…..
Because Your Dream Matters!

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