I get my best ideas in the shower! You know the ones that give you an energy blast or a FEELING in your gut that makes your heart tingle?


DON’T ignore that because  it’s a sign for you.
If you ignore the sign it will fall away quietly and you’ll have missed a potential GREAT clue that supports your deep down desires.


We all have a yearning for something MORE and yet don’t always know what that something MORE really is. These inspired ideas and insights that show up sometimes unexpectedly are ABSOLUTE clues for us.


The reason why your heart tingles and your chi energy runs through your body is because you’re onto something.


You’re onto something that aligns with your true deep down calling to be, do,  have and feel more.


Do you want to BE more fulfilled, DO more meaningful work, HAVE more confidence to truly express yourself, FEEL more vital and alive?




These inspired shower ideas? THEY are my gateway to all of this! They give me clues about the HOW and WHAT’S NEXT.


Here’s an example. As the water showers over me and I relax into the warmth I have an “aha” moment about multiple conversations I had after the several workshops that I delivered in October about 5 Steps to Creating the Life and Work you Love, and start to see a common thread. I was asked for more training, more workshops and to share more of what I know.


So I follow the energy in my body that’s giving me a clue, and write a post on facebook about feeling inspired, and it leads to someone reaching out to me who wants to tap into her gifts and passions but doesn’t know how. I end up supporting her because I can’t NOT, and the ideas and inspirations KEEP FLOWING.  This creates an energetic momentum that leads to MORE ideas about HOW I can answer to the call for doing more workshops that can reach more people.


I created a video about this HERE


See how this works? One inspired idea IF ATTENDED TO WITH ONE SMALL ACTION, opens the door to MORE to flow in.
So when inspiration hits don’t ignore it, ACT ON IT.
Taking INSPIRED action creates results, NOT simply doing more for the sake of doing more.
Find out where you get your best ideas and DO THAT!  (For me it’s in the shower and moving in nature).
What is it for you?


Your deep down desire to create MORE for yourself is waiting!! PAY ATTENTION


Because Your Dreams Matter!

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