The exact thing that derails you when you want to dive into creating and implementing your OWN passion business is what’s at the heart of your struggles.
It’s your fear of the unknown.
Our culture has conditioned us that we must “see it to believe it”. It’s told us that we need PROOF that if we make a change it will be the ‘right’ change and it will ‘work’.
Often times UNTIL we see that evidence, we wait and waste our time cycling in confusion.
We refrain from following our desire and sit in inaction, with a feeling of ‘offness’ and anxiety that we aren’t just DOING it.
Those brilliant ideas that brew inside stay in hiding until we feel SURE they will work.
The deep desire to ACT keeps getting more and more profound while the actual expression of it gets more and more distant. Which is excruciating!
The gap between your DESIRE to fully initiate your new livelihood, and your FULFILLING that desire keeps getting wider. And your anxiety keeps getting stronger.
But for the sake of PROOF, you stall.
Meanwhile, precious time passes.
What action would you take right now if you REALLY gave yourself a chance to follow your vision?
What would you have to give up to do it?
You might be thinking……
I really want to start a business but I don’t know if it’s the right one, or if it’s really aligned with the core of who I truly am, or if I’ll work, or how to really start the needle moving forward.
Chances are that you’re waiting for the EVIDENCE before you ACT.
The irony of it all is that the energy you’re utilizing to hold back and WAIT for that evidence is squashing your creativity and inspiration.
The FEAR of not knowing holds you apart from the very thing you want.
So many have asked me….how do you do it? How do you keep making your dreams come true? How do you have so much faith and confidence to take leaps, move across the country, leave your job and start a business, create programs, do what you REALLY want?
Here’s the thing.
The OLD paradigm of ‘you must see it to believe it’ is exactly that. It’s OLD and it doesn’t work.
The ONLY thing that works is to flip that paradigm on it’s head and adopt a new one that ‘you must believe it to see it’.
By alchemizing the fear that prevents you from trusting the unknown (as in completely obliterate it from your consciousness and transmute it into pure, potent, reverberate through your whole body POWER).
You must learn to sit squarely in TRUST.


By completely releasing this fear that insists you stay in control to make sure it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.
THAT’S when you’ll finally be provided with the evidence that you are OK. NOT BEFORE.
That’s when your passion business will take off.
You simply CAN’T start a business without aligning yourself with it first.
That means clean up the fear!
It’s a total shift in paradigm.
Are you ready to learn HOW?
I have a few spots left in my coaching program. It will change your life! For GOOD.
If you’re ready to finally turn your true gifts into CURRENCY and activate your new income generating passion business  reach out to me HERE to find out how. The bonus is you’ll also diminish your anxiety by a 1000% in the process!
Stop waiting to give birth to your dream and start believing in yourself enough to take the leap. It WILL alter the direction of your life in ways you’ve never imagined!
PS if you DREAM of making room to birth your own passion business, and the only thing stopping you is fear HERE  is a resource that will help you make the move!

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