Remember those moments in your life where you felt that everything was well in the world? When you felt optimistic and so full of excitement and hope? When you felt creative and inspired?


For some these memories are far removed and almost untouchable. For some they are as recent as yesterday or today or even right now.


Regardless, if you wish you can bring them back onto your radar, and if you give yourself permission to do so you’ll see that it’s when you are inside these moments that you are most alive and aligned with the truth of who you really are.


Why would you do that?


Because THAT’S when you have the greatest ability to choose the way you set up your life, your business and your relationships on YOUR terms.


Here’s what I mean.


When you feel the energy of positivity flowing through, you think and choose more clearly from a place  that’s on track with who you are at your core. And that just simply feels good in your bones.


When you feel the energy of negativity, you think and choose with far less clarity (and negativity is NOT aligned with who you are at your core, it’s simply a part of you that’s afraid).


So, in order to create what you YEARN to create in your life you have to bring yourself back to the FEELING of congruence and alignment.


How do you do that? Here’s a simple way to start.


Because humans think in pictures we can use visualization as a powerful tool to move us from the negative toward the positive feelings of congruence.


When we intentionally direct our thoughts to conjure these pictures in our mind our attention goes to them, and given that thoughts produce emotions, we can shift the way we feel.

Here’s a simple way to start:

Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Return to a memory, to a time that you’ve never forgotten because it was so extraordinary and felt so good. You’ve always remembered it because it was so rich and everything was all right in the world. Just settle into that experience now ‘remembering.  Visualize it all as if it was right in front of you now. Let any feelings that accompany that experience come alive.

Notice, where were you?

What time of day was it?

Who was present?

What was happening?

What are you aware of?

What do you see, hear, smell? Is there something you’re touching or tasting? Let you senses come so alive that you feel like you are right there.

What had you remember it all these years and never forgotten it?


Notice how you feel here in this moment. Take this feeling and sink into it.


In this place and space of feeling good, you have found congruence.


Why does it matter?


Because it’s the ONLY mental and emotional space from which you can define your vision, your dream and start creating the life and work you love.


When you can create from this place of clarity and congruence, anything is possible!


And very importantly, when you are aligned and clear like this, what you want deep down is already creating itself, and you have simply put yourself in a place of allowing it.


In fact believe it or not, if you’ve just done this in this last 3 – 5 minutes you’ve already set things in motion. The ONLY action you’ve taken is to turn your thoughts toward something that feels good.


My wish for you? May the congruence of your external life and internal life meet! And may you let your capacity to create what you really want in your life become front and centre!!


Because you matter!

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