We live in a world where there is so much sensory and information overload that it’s impossible to retain even a fraction of it.
In fact according to neurophysiologist, geneticist, physicist Joe Dispenza, our senses send about 400 billion bits of information to the brain every single second, and each one of us is only able to utilize 2,000 bits.
What this means is that the likelihood of my 2000 bits and your 2000 bits being the same is infinitely small, if not impossible!
What does this have to do with how we live, work, dream and play?
Well it means that my version will be very different than yours.
It means that although we might be seeing the very same image, reading the very same email, attending the very same concert, eating the very same meal, looking out at the very same view, being in the very same conversation, NOTHING about these things will actually be the same.
And this to me is great news!
If we’re all so unique then it means that we ALL have our very own personalized gifts, style and areas of genius right?
Can you imagine if we all harnessed our own uniqueness fully without fear of judgement for being ourselves?
We would feel free to be our own 2000 bits unapologetically and go for our dreams because conformity wouldn’t be a thing.
The world would benefit from each and every one of our gifts because we’d let it!
Have you ever thought that conformity might just be a fear based illusion because we can’t EVER totally line up with what others think, say or do anyway?
Think about it…every time we try to conform to society or workplace or familial expectations we’re ignoring our own uniqueness. Not only that, but it’s exhausting!
So what if you utilized your energy in a different way and knew it was making a positive difference?
What if you actually took your 2000 bits and really honored and cultivated them to create the business and life you want?
What if you found a way to creatively express them in a way that could affect positive change, earn you a living, bring you and others in your vicinity more joy?
What if instead of fighting against your uniqueness to fit within what’s expected, you started listening to your own inspiration to discover your own passion and purpose?
Wouldn’t it help you make your life count? After all you’re being given these gifts, why refuse them?
If you can tell that I am super passionate about making my life count, you’re right. I CAN’T NOT!
It’s why for two decades I’ve supported women to find the kind of meaningful business that aligns with the core of who they REALLY are while still making a good living.
It’s why I stop at nothing to keep creating from my vision to keep morphing and expanding.
And it’s why I’ve created the “Intuitive Business Building” Signature System for YOU, so that you can finally find and do the work you love, and stop settling for what you don’t.
It’s my 2000 bits of knowledge and seasoned experience that’ll help you uncover YOUR 2000 bits so that you can find a clear path forward to start uncovering possibilities that you never even knew existed.
To help you learn about this new program, I want to offer YOU the opportunity to book a FREE Intuitive Dream Business Activation with me. Are you interested? Perfect, just click here to book a day & time that works for your schedule.

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