…… IF you want to get to the next level in your business and your life that is!


If you don’t, then you’ve still got one foot in, and one foot out  aka  you’re still ‘SEMI’ committed. 


You simply can’t live in two worlds, with one foot in and one foot out of TRUSTING that your higher intuitive knowing has all the answers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

One minute tuning IN to the voice of your soul and the next minute NOT. 


That isn’t going to work. EVER.


As long as you live in two worlds you’ll never be really integrated OR in flow OR all in. And the expression (or lack of) your God given GENIUS creations will reflect that. 


If you WANT to get to the next level in your business, your creation, your life and your very identity that MATCHES those, you’ve got to get to the next level of TRUST.


There’s SO many layers of trust TO trust. I did a livestream on this in my facebook group – click HERE if you want to tune IN!


You’ve trusted before, and you went all in! Remember?


It landed you in your next level of growth and pure alignment with your GENIUS. You wrote the book, the song, the course; you created the art, the film documentary, the video, the meditation, the healing tool, the speech, the design, the proposal, the retreat, the coaching package. 


You had enough trust to do THAT ….. but then you got blocked. Stalled out.


You were happy to trust it BEFORE you got blocked!


You’d felt the CREATIVE LIFE FORCE ENERGY move through your system and KNEW you were in FLOW….. remember?


What happened?


You got blindsided by the external stuff. Well actually with your RESPONSE to the external stuff. And fell into the land of DIStrust, where once again you had one foot in and one foot out. 


It’s not your fault. You’ve been conditioned for your whole life to be cautious of trusting something you can’t see. 


You’ve learned to say to yourself (subconsciously) “if there’s no evidence….it must NOT be real. Let me get the evidence sorted out and then I’ll know I can actually trust it. Let me figure this thing out first and make sure it’s going to work. Let me give it more thought, get my ducks in a row, lay it all out, and THEN I’ll know I can trust myself to create the thing. Let me make sure that my next creation is going to be as good as my first. Let me make sure that this idea is actually good enough to take action on before I do.” 


Meanwhile back at the ranch…..the VOICE OF YOUR SOUL is calling you to the next deeper layer of that essence that is YOU. 


It’s calling you to your next creation, that when ENTRUSTED to reveal itself without your thinking brain, will take you STRAIGHT into the next level of your business, your life’s work! 


And you’re busy ignoring it.


Here’s the thing.


When you put BOTH feet into trusting your higher GENIUS intuitive guidance, and stop letting yourself get pulled out by the fear distractions, you’ll be stepping INTO your next level identity. Your next level creation!


You’ll become the thought leader, the self made creative or spiritual entrepreneur that you came here to be! You’ll become the perpetual creator!


You can’t ‘self make’ anything until you fully COMMIT.


So think of it as YOU DECIDING to fully embrace the NEXT level of TRUST. 


Think of it as a process that layer by layer by LAYER will sink you INto the next creation that’s bubbling on the inside and DYING to come out. More live training on that process inside my facebook group HERE


Connect the dots between you and your INTUITION and it’ll lift the lid right off of your amazing, incredible, genius container that’s DYING to expand the WAY it’s meant to, and call IN the very soul clients that are WAITING for it.


And if you need help with that, reach out HERE and we’ll talk!


PS  Doors for my IGNITE Your SOUL MAGIC 6 week Intensive are open! Starts February 3rd if you want to go ALL IN and TRUST your way to your next level SOUL BUSINESS! Otherwise you can put you name on a waiting list to catch the next round!

PPS for a private intensive with me click HERE to GO ALL IN NOW!

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